How to talk to a girl on the phone

Quality conversations are crucial to the success of a relationship. Even in these days and in this age of text messages and social networks, 87% of teenagers talk to their partner over the phone. The extra effort of a phone call can show a girl that you’re really interested and can make her feel loved. Whether you call your long-term girlfriend or a girl you just met, use these phone tips to make your conversations leave you sighing.

Part1: Choose a time and place to call

One Adjust to your schedule. It is in an hour to converse through text messages or wait to call it until you think it is free. Do not bother him or make him choose between you and his friends or family. Call her after her theater class, soccer practice, lunch in the cafeteria or family dinner.

Write him a couple of hours before you talk to him. Can you say something like “Hey, are you free tonight to talk?” Or “Can I call you at 7?” Be flexible and stay at a convenient time.

Do not take it personally if she does not have time to speak at that moment. It is possible that she is simply busy. Propose alternatives, such as: “What if I call you tomorrow night?” Or “Good luck in your quarterly exams! Are we talking this weekend?

Two Call from a quiet and private place. The girls will be more honest and will be more open to talking with you if they know that nobody can listen to their conversation. Do not call her when you are with your friends and do not put her on the speaker without her permission.

Give him your full attention. She is giving you her time and you must do the same. Most young people believe that doing several things at the same time distracts you from a conversation. Let her know that your conversation with her is the most important thing in the world. Do not send text messages, chat online, watch TV or talk to other people while you are talking to them.

Part 2: Have a little conversation

One Greet her cheerfully. Emotions are contagious.  If you sound friendly and want to talk, it is likely that she will respond in the same way. When she answers the phone, greet her in a way that opens the conversation and tells her you want to hear her. Use words that are appropriate for the relationship they have:

Hi how are you?

Hello Beautiful! How was your day?

I’ve been waiting to hear your voice all day! What have you been doing?

Two Leave a sweet voice message. If she can not answer you and your call goes to her voicemail, leave her a short and cute message. She will appreciate that you were thinking about her and will enjoy hearing your voice.

If you have been dating for a while, you can say: “I was just calling to tell you that I love you (or love you!)”.

If they are in a new relationship, leave a more casual voice message: “I just wanted to know how you are doing. I miss you!”.

Let him know what is the best time to call you back and do not end up crossing the schedule: “I will return from my football practice at 7. Maybe you can call me at that time?”.

 3 Start with a casual conversation. People are social animals and are “programmed” to have small talks with strangers. Small talks create a sense of connection as people get to know each other. Even a superficial conversation can be significant in a new relationship. Adhere to simple themes that make you feel comfortable:

Share a story of your day.

Ask him about his favorite team sport.

Talk about an event at your school.

Talk about a television show or a movie that you both have seen.

4 Make compliments. Let him know that you enjoy the conversation and his company. Without going too fast, tell him things that encourage him to open up with you:

You tell the best stories!

That’s very funny!

I’m dying to hear what happened next.

It’s so easy to talk to you.

Part3: Keep the conversation

One Let the conversation unfold naturally. If both have chemistry, the small talk will become a deeper conversation. Allow yourself to move from casual jokes to more personal topics. Take advantage of the conversation topics that allow them to get to know each other better:

I also have guitar lessons! Why did you choose the guitar over the other instruments in the world? “

Will they give you your license in three months? Where would you go if you had a car?

The school ends in just two weeks! Where will you go on vacation?

Two Be emotionally open. She will only be as honest and revealing as you are. Most people do not express their true feelings because they are afraid of rejection, not because they are not interested. If you let her know how much it means to you, she will feel safe telling you the same thing.

Every time I see you, my world lights up.

You are the most beautiful girl in this city.

I feel you understand me better than anyone else.

Ask open questions. Ask questions that allow you to elaborate an answer, give yourself a context and express your feelings. Do not stop the conversation with questions that she will answer with a “yes” or “no”.

Ask him “What?”, “How?” And “Why?” To open the dialogue.  For example, you can ask, “What is your favorite memory of childhood?”, “How did you get to meet Lady Gaga?” Or “Why did your family move here?”

Avoid starting the questions with “I bet you …”, “Probably …”, “I’m sure you …”, etc. These phrases suggest that you want a “yes” or “no” answer and will ruin the conversation. “I’m sure you enjoyed meeting Lady Gaga” or “You probably hated to have moved” will restrict the girl’s responses.

4 Avoid themes that ruin the conversation dynamics. You must be honest with the girl, but you will not want to offend her or make her feel uncomfortable. Measure your enthusiasm during the conversation. If you sound excited about a topic, explore it more. If she remains silent or is not sure and says “I do not know”, “maybe” or “I suppose” several times, it takes the conversation to a more pleasant territory.

Identify sensitive topics as you get to know it. You want your conversations to be positive experiences. Bringing him bad memories (divorce from his parents, an ex-boyfriend, his late grandmother, etc.) is not a shortcut for privacy. Let him know that he can tell you anything, but do not deliberately stir up sad emotions.

Going too fast can scare her. Do not sound obsessed or very needy. Do not make comments about your body that are very direct and that she does not appreciate.

5 If it’s your girlfriend, make plans about her future. Making plans together, whether for a night or for a lifetime, creates greater closeness in a couple. Talk about where you would like to live and travel if you could go anywhere, what kind of dog you want or what your dream home looks like. Have fun and use your imagination. Keep the conversation light and flirtatious; They do not need to create an action plan for their lives. Tell your girlfriend how much you expect to live all these adventures with her.

Part4:  Say goodbye

1 Tell him you enjoyed talking to her. Let him know that he is special and that you appreciate his conversation. She will be more inclined to call you if she knows you want to hear her voice.

I hope to speak to you soon! Call me at any time.

I’ll be thinking about your sweet voice all night.

Do not you vanish.

I’ll send you a message tomorrow morning!

2 Make her smile when you say goodbye. Say something nice just before you hang up that you know will make you happy. Make a joke that only the two understand, mole it with a nickname that you like or give it a compliment to make you blush.

Bye Beautiful!

Good night beautiful!

Muack! A good night kiss!


Do not try hard to impress her. You do not want to sound arrogant or insecure.

Do not talk about other girls to make her jealous. She will notice.

Speak in a calm, confident and flirtatious voice the entire time you are on the phone.

Make sure you have many minutes on your phone before calling. You do not want to cut an important moment in the conversation or make him believe that you ended the call.

Make sure your conversation does not get too boring. Remember that it is not a call to your grandmother.

Do not lose your patience or try to fight over the phone. She will stay away from the drama.

Respect your family and your culture.

You can tell funny things to make her laugh, just take care not to exceed a certain limit that borders on vulgar or vulgar.


Do not even think about harassing her by phone! I could denounce you and that will get you into serious trouble with justice.