How to make your girlfriend want to have sex with you

So you reached that point in your relationship where you want to take things to another level. Some people think that sex is not a big deal and others see it as something they just want to share with a very special person. While you should never force your girlfriend to have sex with you, you can calm some of her fears and reassure her that you are a person she can trust completely. After doing so, sex will come naturally.

Be reliable . If you want your girlfriend to have sex with you, first show her that you are an incredibly reliable boy. If your girl is going to trust you enough to have sex with you, then she must feel that you are worthy of her trust, whether it is her first time or if she has had sex before. One of your fears is that after I have sex with you, I can no longer trust you because you got what you wanted. So try to prove him wrong by showing him that you are a respectable and reliable boy.

It appears when you say that you are going to appear. If you always pick her up to leave with a half hour delay, she will think that it is not so special for you and will be less likely to have sex with you.

Keep your word. If you say you’re going to take her to the beach on the weekend, do it. If you do not keep your word, she can not trust you.

I know your support. Let her talk about her problems and insecurities knowing that you can make her feel better.

Do not let hours or even days go by without returning the call or text messages. This will make you feel that you can not trust you.

Give him time . Some guys may be ready to have sex with a girl in the time it takes to drink a beer, while some girls may take months (or even more) to decide if they are ready to do so. Also, some girls (sorry, gentlemen) remain firm in saving themselves for “the ideal man” and do not have sex before marriage. So do not hurry. Wait until the girl first trusts you.

If your girl is hardly comfortable with kissing, then do not even mention the word “sex” for a while.

However, if you and your girlfriend feel comfortable kissing and touching each other in bed after only a few weeks, then you can think about taking things to the next level.

The worst thing you can do to have your girlfriend have sex with you is to try to force her when the time is not yet appropriate. This will take away the excitement and make it less likely to sleep with you.

Do not act like you’re obsessed with sex. Let’s face it: if you’re a man of a certain age who is desperate to have sex with his girlfriend, then you’re probably obsessed with sex. But that does not mean you always have to tell jokes, make hints or even brazen references about sex. The last thing you want is for your girlfriend to think you’re a horny boy obsessed with sex who does not care what girl he goes to bed with. Make her feel special, as if you only wanted her .

You do not need to hide the fact that you are a man with needs, but avoid being vulgar, talking about sex all the time or talking about other people who have sex all the time.

Do not make derogatory comments about other women. This will make your girlfriend feel like an object. Remember that you are not with your friends, but with your special girl.

Be true . If you want your girlfriend to trust you, then you must be faithful. She will never have sex with you if she thinks you talk, you watch other girls or even if you go out with another woman. While you do not have to be rude or ignore the other girls, you have to concentrate all your attention on your girlfriend so that she knows that you will always be there for her, especially after you start having sex.

Spend a lot of time with her. Make sure you plan at least one or two appointments a week and talk to her at least once a day if you are not together.

There is a big difference between being faithful and being possessive and suffocating your girlfriend with affection. You should make it clear that you want to see her when they go out together, but do not try to see her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or else she will start backing out.

Do not show your girl that you are faithful simply by being faithful. Show him fidelity as a friend, brother and companion. Show him fidelity in many aspects of your life and your girl will be impressed.

Part2: Treat it well

Treat her like a lady . If you want your girlfriend to have sex with you, then treat her like a lady, not like someone you just want to sleep with. To do so, you have to be a gentleman and also be polite, kind, understanding and admirable. Open the doors for her, give her your bag when she is cold, run the chairs for her and help her carry the heavy bags.

Make sure to compliment her to let her know how good she looks or how special she is to you.

It is important to be a gentleman, but do not do anything that seems strange to you, but you will realize that you are not being yourself.

Clean your house . It may seem silly, but if you want your girl to feel special, then do not invite her to your house if it looks like the setting of the movie “World War Z”. Make sure to remove dirty clothes from the floor, clean the kitchen counter and make your bed look and smell as clean and cozy as possible.

This will not only make your girl feel special, but you will make her feel more willing to have sex with you. She will not want to have sex if your bed is covered in candy wrappers and dirty underwear.

If you drive with your girlfriend, make sure you keep the car clean. Give your girl the respect she deserves by making sure she has a clean seat.

Show him interest in his whole person, not just in his body. The biggest fear of your girl may be that you do not care about her feelings at all because you are too busy thinking about her body, so you have to prove her wrong. Show her that you care about her as a person and that you care about her dreams, hopes and the things that motivate her.

Ask him about his friendships, his childhood and about his favorite experiences.

Show him that you value his opinion. Ask him what he thinks about the political situation in your country or what he thinks of your new attire.

Look her in the eye when you talk to her. Show him that everything he says is important to you.

Invite her to romantic dates. If you want to create sexual tension, you first need to create romance. Make her feel special. Get ready for her, invite her out and choose a romantic place to dine, drink something or even look at the stars. You do not have to do anything that seems uncomfortable or too cheesy to make her feel special.

Although both have fun in basketball games, birthday parties or in loud and sweaty concerts, these events are less likely to lead you to make love.

Doing something romantic from time to time will show your girl what is important to you.

Be attentive with your needs. If you are not attentive to your girl’s daily needs, then how will you be attentive to her in bed? Your girl needs to feel that you perceive when she is sad, nervous, restless, or simply hungry or cold. Pay attention to your eyes, your body language or your words to notice if something bothers you. If you act indifferently when it is obvious that there is something that bothers you, then you will think that you really do not pay attention to it.

If something seems wrong, do not be afraid to ask what it is about. This will show you that you care about her.

Make sure your girlfriend is ready to have sex . If you really want to treat her well, then you must have an idea of ​​whether or not she is ready to have sex. If you are your first boyfriend, if you have little sexual experience or if you are deeply religious or have moral convictions that stop you from having sex with you, then back off and wait for her to trust you enough to even consider the idea of ​​having sex. Here are some ways to know if you want to have sex with you:

If things have become quite animated when you spend time alone with your girlfriend, then perhaps she is ready to take the next step.

If she lately talks about sex, has given you sexual compliments or touches you more than before, then she is probably ready for sex.

If she implies that she wants to spend the night with you, spend a lot of time in your bed or invites you to her house late at night, then she is probably ready for something more intimate.

If your girlfriend has deep moral or religious convictions that make you not want to have sex, then do not force her. Accept that some girls will never have sex until they get married and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Part3:  Excite her

Prepare. If you plan to have sex or even talk about sex with your girl, then get ready with some condoms in case the opportunity presents itself. This does not mean you have to show her condoms or make her feel uncomfortable, but you should be prepared in case things go in a favorable direction.

If your girlfriend wants to have sex and you have to run to the pharmacy to buy some condoms, it is possible that you ruin your first sexual experience.

2 Create the environment If you want your girl to have sex with you, then you have to create the environment. Start the night doing something romantic to make you lose your fears. Then, take it to your house (clean), where you must have red wine, grapes, chocolate and some light jazz on the radio. Light the candles and the radio to make your girl come to a romantic mindset and offer her something to eat or drink.

If it seems corny, then just do something that makes them both comfortable. If you only want to dim the lights instead of lighting candles, it will be fine.

Kiss her . If you want your girl to have sex with you, then you must be a teacher in the art of kissing. Even if you already have experience, you have to know how to kiss in different ways and make your kisses feel unique. Do not overwhelm her or handle her the instant you kiss her. Rather, take it easy, gently rub your lips while you touch her hair or caress her face.

Pause between the kisses so that your girl has time to take a breath and to wish you even more.

It is not very likely that you have sex with your girlfriend if all you do is kiss. Things take a little more time to achieve a natural evolution.

Play to make yourself difficult . If you really want your girlfriend to want you, then do not act like a sexual beast that moves quickly from kissing to groping and tearing clothes to going straight to bed. Rather, kiss your girlfriend for a few seconds, then back off, caress her and talk to her. Repeat this process a few times and wait for her to go crazy.

Why does playing play make you difficult? Because it makes your girlfriend feel that you love her, but that you are controlling your desires and you are not desperate to put your hands on her (even if you really are).

This game will make your girlfriend be the one to ask for more.

If you want to excite your girlfriend, think about doing more than just kissing. Start by gently caressing her arms, the back of her head and her hair, and as things progress, caress her breasts on her blouse or wait for her to touch you. If they took off their clothes (or some clothes), you can kiss their breasts or touch them over their underwear to excite them.

Just make sure your actions are matched. If you touch her and she just stands still without even making a sound, then you’re probably making her uncomfortable. Make sure it is ready for more before continuing.

If you are already in bed and there is a lot of sexual tension, then you can simply ask her if she is ready to have sex with you. It does not have to be an elaborate or corny question, just say, “Are you sure you’re ready?” and be prepared for any answer.

Never press it. If your girlfriend says she is not ready to have sex with you, then do not pressure her. Do not try to give arguments, do not say things like “But we’ve been together for a long time”, “Everyone does it” or “But I really like you a lot”. You will not make her feel better. In fact, trying to reason with her will only make her feel more frustrated, upset and less willing to sleep with you.

Respect your wishes. If you change your mind and say no, or ask you to stop during the act, do it immediately. It may be useful to have a conversation with her previously about what she wants to do and things she is not ready for. Pay attention and never do something that you do not feel comfortable with.

Be a good interpreter. Learn to interpret your actions, do not insist if you show against. There will always be a tomorrow for you to try again. We recommend trying to “excite” her when she is in a good mood. Feelings can not be faked, because they are a function of the mind. The opportune moment and taking things slowly in the end will captivate you no matter how long the process takes you.