How to make your boyfriend spend more time with you

It is possible that you do not spend as much time as you would like with your boyfriend. Just as it is important to give space, it is also important that you receive what you need from the relationship. You may have to commit to improving and being creative so that your schedules fit in, but make sure you do not do all the work yourself.

Method 1:  Understand the problem

 Examine your feelings. Write down what frustrates you or have a conversation with a friend who is reliable. You may feel abandoned, frustrated or insecure, or all of the above. Try to determine if your partner does not really fulfill their part in the relationship agreement or if your expectations regarding it are unrealistic. Think about how your feelings have changed over time and consider whether this problem is a symptomatic aspect of any other problem in the relationship.

Find the reason for it. Think about your relationship and remember all the times you’ve seen your boyfriend recently. Try to understand why he does not spend time with you as much as you would like. It can be much easier to find a solution when you know completely what is wrong. Keep in mind that speculations will only take you to a certain point. The best way to understand the problem is to ask your boyfriend about it.

Maybe your boyfriend is too busy with work or stressed out because something else has come up in his life that is stressing him. You may not feel like you can relax or go out with you right now. Be patient.

Maybe your boyfriend is not trying as hard as you in your relationship. If you are always the one who has time for your boyfriend but he does not do the same, it may be time for a change. Do not let him take advantage of you.

Your partner may be perfectly happy in the relationship but completely ignore that you feel careless. Try telling him how you feel and asking him to spend more time with you.

Believe in yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see more time for someone you care about, especially if they’re “dating” and have committed to spending time with each other. Just because you want to spend time with your boyfriend does not mean you have to believe that you are “dependent” or “sticky”. The important thing is that both have the same expectations of the relationship.

Method2: Communicate

Talk to your boyfriend Tell him you want to spend time with him more often. Explain how you feel about the situation but without accusing it. It is possible that he does not have much experience in relationships and that he does not even realize that you are sad about how things are going. Sometimes, being on the same page is enough to solve the problems.

Listen to him Ask him how he feels. Try to find out if there is any reason why your boyfriend does not date you as before. Be patient. Let me explain your version of the story.

Although it is not necessary that you should blame yourself, it is possible that you are doing something that causes you not to go out with you. This does not mean you should change. However, it is likely to help you understand what is wrong.

Ask him to spend time with you. Once you have explained your feelings and listened to their point of view, the most important thing is to be alone with them. Set an appointment in the near future and make it comply. It does not need to be elegant: it could mean simply separating an hour to walk together.

If your boyfriend rejects your invitation without having a good reason and does not tell you at what time they could do the activity, it may be time to rethink the relationship. It is not fair or healthy for you to concentrate your energy on someone who does not want to spend time with you.

Method3 Find common interests

1  Be positive when you are together. You do not need to pretend joy, but do not get submerged in the concern about the details of your relationship. Stay comfortable, stress free, have fun during the time you spend together. If you and your boyfriend only talk about the problems, it is possible that he has formed a negative association with respect to spending time with you. That said, if you need to talk about them, you can let them out.

2 Find activities that you like to do together. Whether walking, going to the beach or watching a movie in the evening, find something that excites them. Consider something that interests you lately and that you prefer to spend time doing it. Remember those times when they met and what they both did at the beginning of the relationship. Find common interests.

If you are not sure, you may need to take a more active approach. Try it with as many things as you can until you find some interests that you both enjoy.

Think about what you do with your friends. You should not perform those activities nor should you reduce the time spent with them completely. However, it may be useful to know what you are doing during that time.

Be nice and stay open. Familiarize yourself with your thoughts and feelings by being true to yourself. Be considerate and do not force him to do things that make him feel uncomfortable. Do not try to make him jealous or stress him just so he can spend time with you.

Commit . When you spend time together, try to achieve a balance on what you and your partner want to do individually. It is possible that sometimes you have to do something that bores you to be close to him. If you do things that he likes, you may be more willing to spend time with you when you do things that he does not like.

For example, if you hate baseball but your boyfriend loves it, and you enjoy going to museums but your boyfriend does not tolerate visiting them, make an agreement: if you go to a baseball game, he will accompany you to a museum!

Recognize when to end the relationship . Check periodically if things have improved. If your boyfriend spends more time with you in a way that he enjoys it, you should continue with what you are doing. However, if your boyfriend does not spend time with you despite the effort you make, then it is probably time to put an end to the relationship . It is possible that they simply do not have interests in common, do not like them as much as you thought or just is not the type that spends a lot of time with their partners. Whatever the case, it clearly does not give you the attention you need, so if you do not feel comfortable, consider leaving it.


Be happy with yourself. People who can be happy only with themselves as a company usually depend less on other people to spend time with them. Of course, it’s always nice that your boyfriend comes out with you more often, but being happy with yourself always helps.


Do not just assume the reason that I do not spend much time with you until you sit down and talk about it. It is possible that he ignores the problem while you think it is an infidelity. Do not get ahead of the facts!

Do not try to force the situation too much. Acuse it to spend more time with you, otherwise you will only succeed in driving it further away.