How to be a good boyfriend

It is not always easy to be a good boyfriend, even when you have an amazing girlfriend. A good boyfriend knows when to talk and listen, when to advise and be supportive, when to give you his full attention and when to give you a little space. It is necessary that you be someone of trust and admiration, and even someone who awakens your desire to be a better girlfriend. A good boyfriend adapts to the situation and knows that this work is never finished

Method1: Express and share feelings

One Be honest. In any relationship, and with only very rare exceptions, honesty is the best policy. If you are honest from the beginning of your relationship, you will be less likely to get into trouble over time.

  • You must tell him what he needs to know without overwhelming her with the truth. For example, if you had a serious relationship in the past, you can tell them without revealing all the details about your ex-partner.
  • Moderate your honesty with kindness. Do not feel that you should make each response resemble praise. Instead, it offers an alternative. For example, if she asks you if you like something that is being tested, tell her that she could look good but that blue is your favorite so far because it highlights her pretty eyes.
  • Not only should you feel comfortable being honest, but you should also accept their honesty. If you want to be a good boyfriend, you must speak truthfully.

Two Trust her. Trust your girlfriend and give her a reason to trust you. Trust should form the basis of your relationship. This will allow you to develop a more open relationship with her, as well as a very good understanding of what she wants, feels and needs.

  • You can show that you trust your girlfriend by telling her something that many people do not know about you.
  • You can reaffirm your trust in yourself by showing her that you care and that you are worried if she tells you something personal and important to her.

Participate equally in conversations. When they talk, try to find a certain balance in the flow of the conversation. If you are too quiet, you might think that you lose interest. On the contrary, if you talk too much, I might think that you are obsessed with yourself or that you are discourteous.

  • Conversations consist of giving and receiving. The same applies to relationships, because they are never successful when they are unilateral.
  • Surely, there will be times when you talk a lot (like when something exciting or important happens) or little (like when something bad happens). However, you should generally look for a balance in the conversation.

Be a good listener. Instead of thinking about what you will say next or something completely different, focus on listening to it. Think about what it says, and always show your interest and total attention in it.

  • Remember that talking to your girlfriend is not only about accepting what she says, but also about remembering it. If your girlfriend tells you an important experience, write it down in your mind.
  • If she has told you something twice before and you have no idea what she is talking about because you did not really listen to her, she will know and she will not feel happy.
  • He also “listens” to his nonverbal “conversations”. Learn to determine when something bothers you even when I do not tell you. What does your expression tell you, your body language or even the way it spins your hair?

Learn to commit yourself. Commitment is an important part of communication success. If both you and your girlfriend can not have a disagreement without getting involved in a big fight or without giving in to the needs of the other, then they have a problem. If you want to commit, you must express your needs and desires while understanding those of your girlfriend instead of ignoring her side of the story. 

  • After you have expressed your thoughts regarding a certain situation, you can work together to make a list of pros and cons, and decide the most appropriate method for you.
  • Sometimes, both you and your girlfriend will have to give in to the other, which is fine, as long as they take turns. For example, if she chooses the movie on a date, you must choose the place of the dinner.
  • Part of learning to commit is to use a calm and even tone of voice during a disagreement. Never yell, curse or (under any circumstances) hit, no matter how angry you are. If necessary, get away from the situation for a moment and come back when you can talk rationally.

Offer your support You can show your support by being available, listening carefully and showing an interest in what you say. When you spend time together, make an effort to be present and stay attentive to their needs. By offering your support, you will allow him to strengthen the sense of security and reciprocity in the relationship. Also, if you support her goals and dreams, she will support yours.

  • Stay by your side when you have to study for a major exam or finish college applications, or when you are stressed by something that may affect you in the future.
  • If you have a week or a busy month, give your support by doing small favors, such as picking up lunch or bringing it to your class, to facilitate their days.

Be understanding. If this means something to her, then it must mean something to you. It does not matter that you are not interested in the matter if it were not for her; A relationship consists of sharing experiences and offering your support. When you are upset, try to put yourself in their place and understand where this feeling originates. Do not ignore their feelings just because you think “they are not so important”.

  • Always make sure you listen to her and show sincerity when you comfort her. If you do not really regret it, try to change your way of thinking. Think about things from your perspective.
  • Sometimes, you may just want to cry and receive comfort. Instead of trying to solve your problems immediately, wait for her to take charge of your emotions before entering a practical field.

If you are upset, it is important that you ask if you want to talk about it. Let him see that you really care and, if he is not ready to do it yet, do not insist.

Method2: Demonstrate affection

One Show affection regularly. Show your love to your girlfriend by being affectionate. Small details, hugs, a kiss and perhaps a public demonstration of affection are just some of the ways to relate through affection.

  • Do not exaggerate, you will not want to make her feel uncomfortable. Do not forget to interpret your signals and, if you are not in the mood, do not kiss her.
  • On many occasions, even a light touch is appreciated. If your girlfriend is romantic, after seeing her for the first time in a couple of days, say “I missed you …” and put her arms around her hips to give her a loving hug.
  • Depending on your preferences, also try to give a light kiss on your lips, cheek, forehead or neck just to show that you really appreciate their presence. You can also kiss her hand by holding it and bringing it to your lips.
  • If you’re not sure how your girlfriend feels about public displays of affection, be discreet at first. Believe it or not, not all girls prefer to hold hands.

Two Appreciate its beauty. Give her additional praise when she strives to look beautiful, but also make sure she knows she can relax and be herself by your side. Do not make her feel that she should always look like a celestial being. You must tell her that she looks pretty no matter if she spent an hour fixing herself or if she just woke up.

  • If you do a new haircut or get a new outfit, let him know you noticed and tell him it looks amazing.
  • However, truly appreciating a person’s appearance is not as superficial as it seems. If you really care about a person, you will look beautiful regardless of the situation. Every time you feel this way about your girlfriend, tell her

Praise her with sincerity. You should praise your girlfriend as often as you can without making her feel suffocated. He praises not only his appearance, but also his personality. That way, she will know that you care about her appearance and what is inside her. If you give her reasons to trust your praise, she is more likely to trust herself.

  • Tell him more than just simple affirmations. For example, instead of just saying “You look good,” say “That really highlights your eyes” or “Your haircut really settles to the shape of your face.” The more specific you are, the more unique and appreciated the praise will be.
  • Even small and seemingly foolish compliments can be meaningful. Saying things like “You have a really beautiful handwriting” or “You’re amazing to park in parallel” can develop your confidence if you say it with sincerity. With them, you will also show him that you pay attention to him.

Obséquiale something in special moments and at any time. No relationship can survive only with gifts, no matter how sophisticated or expensive they may be. However, giving gifts attentively and resolutely can provide permanent demonstrations of your interest, attention and affection.

  • Make sure you give him a birthday, Valentine, Christmas or anniversary gift and other special occasions. Choose one that is reasonable and considered. It does not have to be expensive; just think about your personality and your preferences.
  • Think of the special details, such as adding your name to a necklace or a pendant that represents something you care about, like a snowflake in case you like skiing or a musical note in case you love to play an instrument, etc.
  • When you are together in the street, pay attention to their interests. I could mention something you like in a shop window or you want to try, like riding a horse. Do not just think about tangible objects, because gifts can be much more exciting and fun than a list of things.
  • Sometimes, give him a gift “just because.” Choose something from nothing every once in a while and give it just because you were “thinking about it”. This type of gift will have a great impact because it is unexpected and pleasant.

Give your relationship a dose of spontaneity. While familiarity is one of the most comforting aspects of a relationship, avoid falling into a routine by always doing the same things. While it is likely that there are one or two conventional things that you enjoy doing together, avoid it being the only thing you do. 

  • Instead, try to visit new places, try new activities and go to different parts of the city. Even if the new activities do not turn out to be what you expected, at least you will have shared the experience and you both can get to know each other better.
  • By mixing things, you will keep the emotion in your relationship and make your outings more refreshing. You will also create memories together that endure beyond experiences.
  • Surprise your girlfriend by doing something out of the ordinary from time to time. You could propose a career, dance without music or even give her a container of Lego blocks and encourage her to build something that represents them both.
  • Make a surprise trip. You can choose a place in advance and tell them what to pack without telling them where they will go. Of course, use your best judgment about your preferences. Maybe I adore the mystery and enthusiasm of going to an unknown place or maybe not.
  • If you mentioned the fact that you have never been to a national park or an unconventional city not far from where you live, take it without telling you the destination to which you will go. You will love the spontaneity and the fact that you took the time to listen to it.

Beware. Allow your girlfriend to feel needed, useful and appreciated, but not in an exaggerated way. Take care of your hygiene and cleanliness, set goals and strive. You can not be a good boyfriend if you do not take responsibility for your appearance.

  • Be proud of your appearance and the way you present yourself to the world. Making yourself look good (in your real appearance and, especially, in the way you behave) will also make her look good to her, something she will appreciate.
  • The relationship will not seem fun if you think you should always get stuck to do one thing or another. He wants to take care of you, but he does not want to become your mother.

Give her (both her and you) a little bit of individual space. Just because it’s your girlfriend does not mean it’s yours , which implies some kind of property. It is not necessary to be together all the time to have a good relationship. In fact, if you allow him to follow his own interests without controlling it every five seconds, he will love you even more.

  • Find a balance that allows both to spend more time alone, with their individual friends and with each other.
  • Spending time with your friends separately will allow them to appreciate each other even more when they meet again.
  • Maintaining different social hours will also give them something to “count on” when they get back together.
  • It is also good that they maintain different interests. Continue with your hobbies, sports and other interests you have made before you met. Although it will be great to find an activity that you both enjoy, you should not force her to watch sports with you if she does not want to do it or practice yoga with her unless it’s something you really want to do.

Keeping their interests separate will help them retain an individuality idea and grow separately so they can grow together.


  • If you start to get jealous because you talk to someone else, do not get frustrated or angry, because that will only make you think that you are obsessed with her. Talk to him about it and he will most likely change.
  • If your girlfriend is sad or upset, do not let her go to sleep in that state. Talk to her to determine the reason she feels that way. That way, he’ll know you care about her.
  • Tell him how you feel. If you are upset or happy, tell them, because girls like to help you feel better when you are depressed.
  • Trust yourself. That way, you will also help him trust you. Also, some girls like a bit of kitsch, but do not exaggerate either.
  • When they have a difficult period in the relationship, try to do things right instead of deciding who is right.
  • If someone else flirts with her, joke about it or make fun of her, but not cruel, because that could make her think you’re upset.
  • If your girlfriend does not like your best friend, tell her she has nothing to worry about and that you will be faithful.
  • Talk to her frequently. Send text messages, call them and let them know you care!
  • Ask him his preferences and show him that side of you more. For example, if you like your smile, smile more often; If he likes to run with you, then do it, but equalize his speed to then slow down and reach again. In this way, he will appreciate you for doing the little things that generate happiness.
  • Do not rush a relationship; on the contrary, conduct it at a constant rate.


  • When you are upset, never yell at her. Reassure her and approach the situation in a civilized way. This will keep everything under control and help you solve problems in a less conflictive way.
  • Do not embarrass her. Most people are ashamed if you talk about underwear, hygiene, sex, etc. in public. Remember that these things may be attractive to you, but for her they may be something she does not want to talk about in public. Also, never tell a funny story about her without her consent, especially if she tries to stop you. This will hurt your feelings, it will show you impress your friends and make them laugh is more important to you than the fact of not making her feel like a fool.
  • Do not be too sticky. She wants her personal space just like you. If you want to spend time with your friends or do something different than being with you, let them do it.
  • Never reprimand your family’s actions. No one can avoid the things that their relatives say or do. You can express your annoyance for something that someone has done or said, but then do not touch the subject.
  • Do not say or do things that you will regret because you will be in a very bad situation. If you know that you will explode and tell her something you will regret, it is best to leave her alone. Then send a text message after a couple of hours to see if it’s okay and talk to her.
  • Never tell her something you almost did for her but that you did not achieve for some reason. Like saying “I wanted to give you this gift, but I changed my mind” or “I was going to take the day to spend it with you and then I decided it was a bad idea”. You will not believe that you were considered, but you decided that it was not worth it.
  • If your partner sees you doing something that can easily be misinterpreted, do not say “It’s not what you think” or “This is not what it seems”. Take her hand (usually, try to get away), then look her in the eye, and tell her that you love her and that she is the only one for you. Then explain to her that it really was not what it seemed.