How to talk for the first time with the girl you like

Maybe you’ve seen a girl you like around there and you’ve dreamed about talking to her. Definitely the first time you do it can be a little stressful, but once you dare, you will open the possibility that you like it too! Start by looking at your body language to know when to approach it. Then, use a question or affirmation to open the conversation.

Part 1: Break the ice

One Make a comment about something they have in common, to arouse their interest. Believe it or not, you have something in common with every person you know! You just need to take a look and discover what it is. Find something you can use to start a conversation. It does not have to be something important.

  • For example, if you’re at school, you can say, “That test has been difficult, right?”
  • If you’re in a coffee shop, you can say, “It’s really cold outside!” Or “This music is interesting, do not you think?” You can also try, “There’s nothing like a cup of hot coffee on a cold day, true?”

Two Ask him something to make him like you. No, do not go and ask for $ 100. Better, ask him a little favor. It will seem strange, but when you ask people for a favor, they will want to help you. In fact, it tends to make you like them more.

  • Use something simple, like “Could you pass me the salt?” or “Would you mind bringing me that jug of cream?”

Say something just to start the conversation. The longer you wait to say something, the more likely it is that you will not do it. You do not necessarily have to say something bright! You just need to start the conversation. Even a simple “Hello!” will serve.

  • You can also try to say something fun, like “I need help, I can not decide, it’s killing me, should I buy the cookie with chocolate chips or brownie?”

Take a deep breath to calm down if you feel a little anxiety. It’s natural to feel butterflies before going to talk to someone you like! If you feel nervous, try to breathe deeply. Close your eyes and put air through your nose counting up to 4. Hold your breath for 4 times and then draw out the air while you count up to 4. Be sure to breathe deeply from the abdomen area. Do this breathing exercise a few times to help calm your nerves.

Tip: You can also take a few minutes to cheer up. Think you can do it! Also, put it in perspective. What is the worst that can happen? If she does not want to talk to you, it will hurt her, but it will not be the end of the world.

Continue the conversation by responding to what I say. You will need to alternate when you talk to the girl you like! If she says something in response to what you have said or asks you for a favor, answer her. Try to make the topics happy and fun, since it is their first meeting.

  • For example, if she says, “Yes, coffee is the best! It warms me from the inside! “, You can say,” I know! What’s your favorite type of coffee? “

Keep the security to show that you are interested. When you talk to a chicha for the first time, you are likely to start questioning or interpreting negatively the things she says to you. If you can, try to combat these thoughts. Keep smiling and asking questions. Stand in an upright posture and speak with a clear voice.

Tip: Most people think that showing security is attractive. Even if you do not feel safe, in most cases pretending is enough. In addition, pretending using body language will make you feel more secure!

Part 2: Detect body language signals

One Smile and see if the smile returns. A smile is a good sign that I may want to talk to you. Showing a smile will indicate that you are happy to see her. If she smiles back at you, you probably want to approach her.

  • Look her in the eye to see if her smile looks real. If a smile is genuine, it will reach your eyes and you will know it. If you’re just being friendly and smiling at you, the smile will look a bit fake.
  • Check if the smile raises your cheeks and wrinkles your eyes, this is a sign that it is genuine.

Two See if your gaze holds you for a moment. Do not try to stare at her! However, if you catch her gaze, hold her for a few seconds while you smile at her. If she also holds her gaze, it is probably a sign that you are interested.

Look for other signs of positive body language. Positive body language indicates that she may be open to talking with you. You may notice that she points her body toward you or uncrosses her arms or legs. You can play with your hair or be restless with your clothes.

Note: On the other hand, if you observe negative body language, you may want to wait to get closer to it. Signs of negative body language include crossing the limbs, moving away from you, frowning, acquiring a rigid posture or looking the other way.

Wait another chance, if it seems she had a bad day. If you are upset or look sad, wait another day. Even if you try to approach her because you like her, she probably does not have the courage to respond when she’s in a bad mood.

  • Similarly, if it seems that she is working hard on something, it is not the best time for you to approach.

Part 3: Advance with the conversation

One Listen to what she has to say. Any conversation is about giving and receiving. Make sure you focus on what the person says so you can respond. If you do not listen to it, the conversation will end quickly!

  • Nobody likes to listen to someone who spends talking about himself for 30 minutes. Encourage her to tell you about her!

Two Use open questions to continue the conversation. An open question is one that will give you an answer beyond “yes” or “no”. This will allow me to talk to you about her, which she will probably be happy to do as long as she is not too shy.

  • For example, instead of asking, “Do you like rock?” you can ask, “What is your favorite type of music?”
  • If she gives you a short answer, ask a follow-up question, such as “Who is your favorite pop singer?”

Talk a little about yourself If he asks you questions, answer honestly. Even if you do not want to talk nonstop about yourself, the conversation must go from one place to another. If you are not willing to talk about yourself at all, she may think something is wrong with you.

End the conversation in a positive way. If everything went well, try to fix something for another time. For example, you can ask for her number so you can send her messages or call her, or you can ask for her social network accounts so you can contact her that way.

Tip: You can also open the possibility of leaving on another occasion. For example, you can say, “Hey, would you like to go out for a coffee one day?”

Leave her alone if she does not want to talk. Even if you can feel sad or depressed if a chicha does not want to talk to you, you must respect what she wants. If you do not want to have a conversation or do not want to go out with you, say “Anyway, thanks!” and get away.

  • It can be painful, but do not take it personally. You do not know what goes through your head at that moment. You are probably too worried about a qualification to think about dating someone.


  • If you feel anxiety at the beginning, talk to her near other people until you feel comfortable talking to her alone. Trust yourself!
  • If you really like that girl, first try to have a friendship with her.


  • Remember that each girl is different, there is not a group of questions that work for any girl! Just be you and hope that you like her too.

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Who does not want to fall in love? It’s almost a universal desire, as common as a hashtag in a tweet from one of the Kardashian sisters. If you are interested in a girl and you desperately want it to correspond to you, there are some ways to inspire your interest. To make a girl fall in love with you, you must develop an attraction through a verbal and non-verbal interaction, at the same time that you show her your naturally charming qualities and take the time to get to know her. Most importantly, be yourself and respect it for who it is.

Part1: Understanding the attraction

One Keep in mind the way physical attraction works. The attraction is based on brain chemistry. A group of neurotransmitters called monoamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin) creates the sensation we experience as attraction.

  • Dopamine is one of the chemicals in your brain that makes you “feel good” (that’s where the term “dopa” comes from). It is also found in the motivation and reward systems of your brain. When you know someone to whom you feel attraction, dopamine begins to send chemical “rewards” that make you feel good to your organism.
  • Norepinephrine, sometimes known as noradrenaline (but not the same as adrenaline), sends messages to your central nervous system. Norepinephrine is responsible for your ability to “block” information that is not as interesting as the beautiful girl in front of you.
  • Serotonin regulates a number of things in your body, including sexual behavior and body temperature. When you feel a strong attraction to a person, serotonin lowers your body temperature, which makes your skin slightly more able to conduct electricity. This is the reason why love can cause a tingling in the skin, literally speaking.
  • In fact, experts say that attraction stimulates the same chemicals in the brain as addiction, such as dopamine and oxytocin. If a girl is not attracted to you, it has nothing to do with you, because everything depends on the chemicals in each person’s brain.
  • A researcher at Rutgers University suggests that it takes less than a secondfor the brain to decide whether someone is attractive or not. There is a possibility that you can overcome this first impression of a fraction of a second, but it is also possible that you will not achieve it. If the second occurs, do not take it personally, as people can not choose whom to feel attracted to.
    • You could overcome or deal with this first impression or maybe not.
    • If you can not, do not take it personally, because people can not handle spontaneous impulses and what they judge may not relate negatively to you. For example, some women are attracted to men who take big risks, while others prefer more cautious men. There is nothing wrong with being one or the other.
  • Understanding the way attraction works can take away some of the mystery and magic of this human interaction. However, what makes clear is that love and attraction are a fundamental part of how we are connected. And it is on a level that is not very rational. Also, sometimes, chemistry is literally right or wrong.

Two Watch your health. If you want a girl to fall in love with you, you must show her that you are capable of loving yourself in the first place. What is considered “attractive” is highly subjective and each person has different tastes. However, things such as good personal care, exercise and a healthy diet will keep your body feeling and looking strong and healthy, which is a great sign of the evolution of your “reproductive capacity”. Basically, it’s a sign that your genes are also strong and healthy. 

  • Keeping well-groomed and healthy will also demonstrate self-confidence and a healthy respect for yourself, which most people often find attractive.
  • This does not mean you should exaggerate and brag about your clothes or become a bodybuilder. Just try to be the best version of yourself.

Arrange to see you well. Your physical appearance and your presence are the best first impression and, in general, the most important. You can have an excellent profile and online interaction, but if you know the girl personally, you smell very bad and your clothes are not nice, that first impression will be much stronger than what you have given in any virtual chat room.

  • Control your body odor In more industrialized societies, women avoid people with a bad body odor. A man who does not bathe frequently, does not wear an antiperspirant, or even puts on smelly clothes will not be successful with women.
  • Take care of your body. It is completely possible to find love despite having an imperfect body (one obese, with eczema, baldness, etc.). However, if you do your best to maximize your appearance, you will be more attractive and you will feel more secure.
  • Wear attractive clothes All societies have an idea of ​​the type of clothing that is considered attractive, as well as the one that indicates virility, confidence and masculinity. If your clothes are unattractive or strange, it will indicate that there may be something wrong with you.

Learn some messages behind body language. Body language can be conscious (like winking someone’s eye) or subconscious (like having a redness on the lips). People communicate a variety of messages through body language, among which are the language of attraction. Most of the body language related to physical attraction communicates a few basic messages, which are the following:

  • I’m available.
  • I’m interested.
  • I will not hurt you.
  • I am fertile.
  • I’m accessible

Look for open body language. Body language cues that indicate things like “I’m available” and “I’m approachable” suggest that the other person is interested in you. Look for the following signs:

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact with you
  • Look up (instead of being absorbed with a phone, etc.)
  • Stand or sit with arms and legs relaxed and uncrossed
  • Keep your feet pointing towards you during a conversation

Look for the signs of attraction. Some body language is unconscious and occurs when we feel attracted to someone. Others are more conscious behaviors. Looking for these signs will help you determine if the girl you are interested in corresponds to you. Some of them are the following:

  • His cheeks are flushed.
  • Her lips are flushed and they seem to be widening.
  • It has dilated pupils.
  • The person removes a “blockage” from your path (such as moving a bag that stands between you).
  • You have a sudden tachycardia or faster breathing.
  • He licks his lips.
  • It subtly imitates your body language. For example, if you support your weight on one side, do something similar after a while.
  • It touches you at times. For example, it may touch your arm, wrist or knee lightly.
  • Remember that none of these behaviors will definitely indicate that you are attracted to you. While they are good signals, do not rush conclusions. There is a possibility that the girl with pink cheeks and dilated pupils that moves her purse to sit on the bus seat is only being polite, usually blushes easily and has just left a medical consultation.
  • Never assume your sexuality. This means that you should not assume that you will automatically be seen as a romantic couple. If you do, you will appear rude, arrogant and overbearing. Trust is fine, as is flirting, but aggressive words will probably end up scare away girls.

 7 Observe his smile. An authentic smile from a woman could be a sign that she wants to be more attractive to you (it could also simply be a sign that she is kind, so also make sure to observe the other signs of her body language). Observe the facial muscles used when smiling to have an idea of ​​whether it is real or not.

  • The authentic smiles, also known as Duchenne’s smile, employ the muscles around the eyes as well as the ones in the mouth. False smiles generally move only the muscles around the mouth and their appearance is hermetic or empty. There is a reason why Tyra Banks always tells the models that they “smile with their eyes”.

Point out your own attraction. Once you have determined whether you feel attracted or not, you can do some things with your body language to tell the girl that you are interested in her.

  • Make eye contact with her and smile at her.
  • Get closer to her. You can sit at a nearby table in the cafeteria or take a napkin while in the condiment dispenser. This can help you collect your pheromones, which helps to show the attraction.
  • Tilt your head when you talk or look at it. This is a signal that shows interest.

Try a strategy to start a conversation. Also known as “piropo”, this strategy is a way to start a conversation. Although at first a whistling can seem chilling, it is not necessary to use a strategy that allows you to start a conversation. Studies suggest that there are three types of strategies to start a conversation: 

  • The strategy directly. She’s honest and straight to the point, like saying “I think you’re very cute” or “I’m a bit shy, but I’d love to talk to you.” In general, men prefer these types of strategies when others initiate conversation with them.
  • The innocuousstrategy . This keeps a conversation but does not go directly to the point, like saying “What do you think of this place?” Or “Do you come here often?”. In general, women prefer these types of strategies when others initiate conversation with them.
  • The cute or superficialstrategy . It involves humor, but is often cheesy or even unpleasant, like saying “Do you like scrambled or fertilized eggs?”. Both men and women in general classify these types of strategies as the least attractive option.
  • If you are a heterosexual boy looking to start a conversation with a girl, your best option is to use a harmless strategy.
  • Studies have also shown that honest and supportive strategies often lead to long-term relationships, while those that resort to manipulation or deception (such as cute or superficial strategy) produce short-term relationships.

10 Try to give a soft touch if you think she wants it. Touch is an excellent way to demonstrate physical attraction. Do not be very creepy, but if you’ve talked to a girl for a while and seem interested in you, you can rub her arm lightly or touch her hand.

  • Do not touch a girl unless she gives you strong signals of her interest in you. Even in that case, proceed with care. In general, it is a good idea to wait until she initiates some type of contact.
  • If the girl reacts negatively to physical contact, do not try again for a while. Showing respect and giving your space could be advantageous for you. On the contrary, being too aggressive will have the opposite effect.
  • Make sure that your physical contact is appropriate within your culture. What is acceptable in one country may not be acceptable in another. Also, what is considered normal in a public school might not be normal in an ultraconservative Christian school.
  • If you are not sure, request physical contact! For example, Extend your hand to give a friendly squeeze, or ask “Can I hold you?” Or “Would you like me to help you put sunscreen on your back?”. Thus, you can use physical contact in a way that respects its limits and also you will be direct with it.
  • Do not obsess about touching the girl. It is not necessary that you touch it in the first stages of falling in love. If you exaggerate a lot or press too hard to touch it, you can significantly affect your progress and be seen as someone “spooky”.
  • In general, the moment of contact “only arrives”. If there is connection and attraction, the moment will usually be given naturally. For example, when both are going to have a toast at the same time in the cafeteria or when she puts her hand on yours at the cinema.

Part2:  Be an amazing person

One Live your life. Who would want to have a serious relationship with someone who just sits and stands idly by all the time? If you want her to fall in love with you, go out and show her that you live an incredible life. Go out and do things that make you happy, fill your life with learning and exploration, and pursue your dreams. People usually feel more interest in others who seem to live full and happy lives on their own.

  • Have you always wanted to create your own video game? You can do it! Do you want to write a book? Ahead! Do you want to become an expert speleologist ? You can achieve it! Follow your dreams and you will realize that the girls will be attracted to your passion and determination.
  • Maintaining your own interests after starting a relationship will also help you not to become a “codependent” person. Codependency relationships occur when one or both partners feel they can not be complete or happy without the other person. These types of relationships are not healthy and you can avoid them by being true to your true identity. This will attract people who are also true to themselves.

Two Show him your charming qualities. People do not simply decide who they want to fall in love with. Love occurs because the people involved have charming qualities. This develops over time, so your job is to show the girl that you are worthy. Let your personality stand out and give you the opportunity to see who you really are and what you have to offer. It turns out that people generally consider characteristics such as humor, kindness and honesty as physically more attractive!

  • Other qualities that can affect the way people perceive your attractiveness include respect, honesty, hard work and intelligence.
  • Studies also suggest that heterosexual women are more likely to value personality and social traits such as kindness and intelligence over physical traits.

I am funny . Ten sense of humor . It’s not a secret that girls love boys who can make jokes or be funny; in fact, it is proven! Practice jokes with your friends from time to time and learn which ones work and which ones do not. When you are alone with a girl, telling a joke can be an excellent way to break the tension.

  • Remember that if you’re not good at telling jokes, you can still have a good sense of humor. You just need to feel at ease laughing and being surrounded by fun people.
  • Bitter or sarcastic humor is not a good idea. Try to have a positive sense of humor and even a little self-critical.
  • For example, if you are in a cafeteria, you could say something like “I was told there are two types of people: those who drink coffee and the sad ones. What do you think?”.

Be playful One of the most important things that both girls and boys look for in a couple is jocularity. So you must be playful because she will think that that is an attractive feature. How can you be? For example, make a boring routine, like studying, become something interesting and fun by turning your math problem into a song. Do not take things too seriously and, most importantly, be able to laugh at yourself.

  • Being able to love fun and even make fun of yourself will show girls that you are not tense or aggressive. It also makes everyone around you feel at ease, which makes your presence more pleasurable.

Have confidence in yourself . To be a genuinely charming person, you must believe that your presence is valuable. Most girls will not be attracted to people who constantly look down on themselves. Therefore, be confident, but do not be arrogant. Know your skills. Do not boast about it, but include these things in your routine and do not be afraid to make them stand out from time to time.

  • The difference between real trust and arrogance lies in the way you think about yourself. True confidence means that you know who you are, and that you feel comfortable and happy with that. In general, arrogance arises from a need to compete or belittle others to feel more confident. Really confident kids do not need to belittle anyone or behave like louts to show they know how great they are.
  • If you feel the need to insult yourself, be sure to say it like a joke. Laugh at the mistakes you make and the nonsense you make, as well as those you do not like about you. For example: “Seriously, you DO NOT want me to invite you to dance. I am a terrible dancer, and a danger to myself and to others. It is the best for everyone”.

Part3:  Win your heart

One Know her Knowing the girl is more than memorizing her birthday and where she was born. Spend time with her, develop confidence and appreciate things that she does not show you very often. Know your fear of water (and the reason you have it) or your most embarrassing moment (and help her laugh at him). Understand their way of thinking and what they believe. This will help you to love her as a whole person, something she will appreciate more than you can understand.

  • A good way to start is to ask an open question. For example, social psychologist Arthur Aron has generated headlines with his list of 36 questions to encourage intimacy between people. They are creative and open, and ask more interesting things than their favorite movie.
  • For example, you could ask questions such as “Would you like to be famous? In what way?” Or “What would be your perfect day?”.
  • This will not only give you the opportunity to get to know her better, but it will also show her that you think she is intelligent and that her opinions are worthwhile.

Two Find out what you like to do and then do it with her. Doing something that you know is to your liking provides the additional advantage of making her feel comfortable and safe. If you feel comfortable during a date, you will be more likely to come close to you, hold your hand or even kiss you.

  • If you like to surf , ride a hair , go shopping, or have a good time, it is a good idea to try to involve her in what she likes to do most. Ask your friend what she likes to do in her free time or ask her directly if you feel bold enough (fortune favors you). That way, she will know that you have taken the time to find out what motivates her and that you are ready to make an effort to make her happy.

Take her to incredible dates. Doing something that she likes is not necessarily a date, but if you want love to arise, you must invite her to one at some time. When you are ready to take that step, go to a familiar place like the cinema, a cafeteria or a dance venue. You can take her to an amusement park or a haunted house. Studies suggest that the emotion or sense of danger in an appointment helps release a chemical in the brain that unites the two people.

  • Use the strategy to determine if the exit can be considered an “appointment”. In general, if the girl is already interested in you, you should make it clear that they will have an appointment in order to make sure that both are on the same page. However, if you have not noticed yet, it’s probably best to go slowly and first earn your affection as a friend before moving into a romantic relationship. On occasion, the girl will resist having a romantic relationship if she is not sure they are good friends.

Be clear You probably should not ask her to be your girlfriend the first time you meet her or even the first few times they have an appointment. However, at some point you must reveal your intentions and declare your romantic interest in it. If you wait too long, you run the risk that I think of you as just a friend. Ambiguity will not be your ally.

  • You can also be clear about the demonstration of your continued interest. For example, if you had a great time, do not end the conversation in a bland manner. Say something like “I spent a wonderful moment tonight. Can I call you tomorrow? “

Avoid exposing yourself too much at the beginning. Sometimes it is tempting to tell a girl that you like everything about you to show her how great you are or how much you like her. This is not a great idea for two reasons:

  • In the first place, it means that you talk a lot about yourself, which means that you spend less time listening to it.
  • Second, it means that you could talk about things too quickly. The first dates are not the time to speak ill of your boss or the bad person that was your ex-partner. This type of self-revelation can make you look like a person who is bitter, indiscreet or does not have a good sense of personal limits.
  • You do not need to be a mystery man, but start talking about the things you like and do not like, and then let the conversations unfold naturally. If she is interested in you, she will ask you personal questions. Just make sure you keep a good balance between what they both say.

Give him his space. This does not mean pretending to be an evasive person, but rather giving the girl control over what will happen next. Suffocating and intimidating her so that she can enter into a relationship with you will have the opposite effect of the expected one. Show him that you respect his life away from you. Usually, if you give a girl her own space, she will come back to you to love you on her own terms.

  • When you give your space, avoid being too distant. Keep calling her regularly and showing her that you are interested in her. If you are shy, do not give too much space or think you are not interested. You should leave a bit of your shell if you want to attract their attention.
  • If you just had an appointment with her and everything went very well, tell her you’ll call her before the end of the weekend in case it’s Friday. Let her take care of her life on Saturday and then call her on Sunday to tell her that you had a good time and that you would like to do something soon, probably the following week. This would be an excellent time to invite her to go out to a party or dance.
  • Give your space is to show your confidence. What you basically say is, “I had a great time with you and I like you, but I will not behave aggressively because I’m not desperate.” Girls and boys are attracted to people who are cool and calm, who do not rush or despair.

Part4: Keep an open mind

One Do not judge it. Do not judge a girl by which you begin to feel something. She has her own personality and her own qualities, just like you. We all do things that make people crazy or that seem strange. You must decide if these small oddities are things you can live with or breakpoints.

  • If you decide that you can live with its peculiarities, hold on to that decision. Do not try to change it, criticize it or be fussy about the things that make it peculiar. Accept it for how it is.
  • Her personality does not make her a bad person. Even if you decide that there is something that motivates a breakup, there is no reason to be cruel to her.

Two Avoid waiting for a change in her. In fact, if you can eliminate most of your “expectations” about her, you will probably be happier in your relationship. We often expect irrational things from other people that make us feel anxious or unhappy when we do not get them.

  • However, this does not mean that you should not have certain expectations or that you let yourself be mistreated. It is perfectly normal to expect a person to arrive when he says he will (unless something inevitable happens), to treat you with kindness and respect, and to show compassion and kindness towards others.
  • However, if you expect your girl to read your mind to know your needs, you will probably be disappointed because no one is able to do so.
  • In addition, personalities tend to be fixed. If your girl always seems to be late and you have talked to her about how much that irritates you without anything having changed, it is likely that this problem can not be solved. You can decide that it is something that goes beyond your patience or let it be her (even if it is always late), but you can not expect it to change.

Open your eyes to the possibilities. Do not get obsessed with making a particular girl fall in love with you and do not try to “force” the love of a girl who does not feel it. Despair will never be an attractive trait.

  • Meet more girls and give love more opportunities to arise. Attend school social events. Do not be afraid to go to social events at a different school in case a friend invites you. You never know when you could meet that special person who will make you sigh.
  • Sometimes, when you stop to look for love, it hits you right in the face. The universe works in strange ways. Especially if you have tried very hard lately or if you think you have run out of energy, do not be afraid to withdraw from the contest. It seems counterproductive and frustrating, but it works. When you stop trying, the girls start to find you.
  • Be adventurous. Maybe all the girls you know already have a partner or are not interested in your friends. At present, many children find love outside their immediate circles. If you have a certain age, try to search for appointments online. If you are interested in extracurricular activities, get involved in many of them so you can travel. When looking for the girl of your dreams, it is useful to keep an open mind and try as many adventures as possible that come across in your life.

Part5: Treat it with equality

One Respect your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Try to see things from their point of view. Show him that you appreciate his opinions, even if you do not agree with them.

  • It is useful to ask these things instead of making assumptions. When I talk to you about your thoughts or feelings, listen to it.
  • If you have trouble seeing things from your point of view, use first-person affirmations to ask her to explain them to you. For example: “I really want to understand what you rely on, but I do not understand it. Could you explain to me how you feel at this moment? “

Two Always be honest and authentic with yourself and with her. Honesty develops confidence , but once it is broken, it never comes back. From that moment, your partner will suspect your words. Be yourself and be honest.

  • Show your true intentions. Be honest and open about your plans and wishes. If she does not agree with them, at least you have established a starting point that can be modified so that they can be known at a more intimate level.
  • There is a difference between being open and honest, and being manipulated. For example, you do not need to teach someone your text messages or emails to “prove” that you are trustworthy. You do not need to inform your location at every minute of the day. This is an invasive behavior that is not proper to healthy relationships.

Keep your willingness to listen and communicate. The most important aspect is to learn to listen patiently and actively.  The understanding that you achieve will help you to communicate in a loving and helpful way. In a healthy relationship, both people feel recognized and respected.

  • Listen to what I tell you. Do not practice your answer while she is still talking. Ask him to clarify something you do not understand by saying something like “I’m not sure I understood you correctly. I listened ______. Is that what you wanted to say? ” This kind of clarification will also help avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings.
  • Avoid passive aggression. Passive aggression occurs when your girlfriend asks you if something is wrong and you say “No, why should I be?” When in reality you are very upset. It is a way to express anger or hurt without making a direct confrontation and can destroy communication in a relationship.  Express your feelings openly and honestly, but keep the respect.
  • Use first-person affirmations, such as “I feel hurt that you did not call me on Tuesday when you said you would,” instead of “You forgot to call and hurt my feelings.” Second-person assertions can cause people to become defensive and close.
  • The communication must not be unidirectional. You should also feel that she listens to you and recognizes your needs.

Accept your individuality. Strive to understand what makes it unique. Actively celebrate your uniqueness and strive to encourage her to continue and develop the basic activities that give her happiness and satisfaction.

  • It is excellent if you can find something that both love to do and that they can continue together. Occasionally, one of you will have to give in. For example, you may want to watch an action movie while she wants to watch the latest Pixar movie (or vice versa). Take turns with the purpose of giving each of you your own space to do what brings you happiness.

Help her achieve her dreams. Just like giving her space, you must also help her do the things she wants for herself. Typically, this will mean letting her spend time working on the things she wants to do, such as school or a skill, or doing them along with her. When you see that you support her in the things she wants for her life, she will know that you are exactly what she needs.

It shows dedication and commitment. He always stays by his side, as a friend and confidant. He forgives his weaknesses quickly and tries to strengthen the best he has. In the same way, stay open to her by becoming the best person you can be. Committed love is a society, where both bring out the best in each one. Stay within that standard as you make her fall in love with you.

Keep in mind that she is not obligated to fall in love with you. People call “friend’s zone” when someone does not match the affection of another. However, remember that you can do everything right, but that does not mean that she will fall in love with you. It is a person with free will, not an object that you can win in a video game.


  • Be fun and funny, but not at the expense of someone else.
  • Avoid rushing. If you force yourself to fall in love with you too quickly, you might have the wrong impression.
  • You may really want someone to fall in love with you, but be sure to use your head as well as your heart. Love alone is the starting point of a healthy relationship. The rest depends on communication, compatibility and commitment.
  • Do the things you love doing!
  • Make her feel special so she knows you really appreciate her.
  • Do not send text messages just for the sake of doing it. Make sure you have a reason for that. Instead of saying “Hello, how are you?”, Write “Hello, we should go to lunch, play in the park, etc. together!”. It will be difficult to establish a relationship through text messages.
  • Try talking to her, showing her feelings little by little.
  • Take your time to get close to her and show her your interest in the things she likes. For example, take the time to read your favorite book or to listen to your favorite music.
  • Go out with your friends and yours.
  • Show her that she can count on you when necessary and always keep your willingness to advise her.


  • Remember that you may feel attracted to someone or not. If she does not feel anything for you, never press her.
  • Never try to “impress” her by doing reckless or ridiculous acts, so the only thing you will achieve instead of her falling in love with you is that you have more antipathy and rejects you more as arrogant and immature.

How to get a girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend may seem impossible when you’re single, but do not lose hope. We all feel that way at some point, and you do not have to be single forever. If you are interested in finding a girlfriend, first improve your person to ensure that you cover your own needs. Then go to your friends, go out and join clubs to meet more girls and thus be able to establish a connection. When you find a girl that interests you, invite her to an appointment.

Part1: Make girls consider you attractive

1. One Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Check your wardrobe and choose the clothes that best fit you. Try to exhibit the features of your person, such as your interests or your personality. This will help you feel confident about yourself, so that you can give your best effort.

  • Do not worry about your body type, as we are all attractive in our own way. Choosing clothes that make you feel good will help you to show the best of you.
  • For example, choose clothes that fit you well and that is the style you like. It could be something like t-shirts with messages and jeans, shirts and khaki pants, or leather and denim garments. If you are more feminine, you could choose men’s dresses, pastel colors or floral prints to emphasize your feminine side. This will depend on you.
  • You could show your interests by wearing shirts with your favorite bands or sports teams.
  1. two Practice good personal hygiene to look more attractive. Take good care of yourself, since bad hygiene will alienate others. Bathe at least once a day, brush your teeth twice a day and use personal care products like deodorants. Also, wash your clothes. This will help you look your best and show the girls that you take good care of yourself.
  • You do not have to bathe in perfume or eliminate your body hair, unless you want to.
  1. 3 Develop your personal interests and hobbies to look balanced. Devoting time to the things you enjoy will help you to be a healthier person, and it will also make you more attractive. Reflect on what interests you and look for ways to include it in your daily life. Try to do each day something that helps you explore your interests. Then turn your interests into hobbies.
  • For example, learn to play an instrument , join a sports team, start painting or join a team of quizzes in bars.

Tip: after being in a relationship, it will be important to maintain these hobbies. A healthy relationship will allow both people to dedicate time to themselves.

  1. 4 Feel comfortable being alone , so you’ll look safe. If you look desperate and needy, you may have difficulty establishing a connection with people. Find ways to be happy while you are single. Spend some time doing what interests you and enjoy the time you spend with your friends. Do not make finding a relationship the most important thing in your life. Instead, focus on living a life that makes you happy.
  • If you notice that you feel bad about being single, list the reasons why this is good for you. For example, this allows you to focus on your goals, spend time with your friends and have time to explore all your options.
  • People will be more attracted to you if you seem happy with your life, so this can help you get a relationship.

Part2: Meet a possible partner

One Ask your friends to introduce you to girls they know. It is likely that your friends know girls who could introduce you, and this is a common way in which people know each other. Make your friends organize group outings so you can meet their friends. Then talk to them so you can know them.

  • When a friend invites you to do something, always ask if there will be other people. Encourage them to include people from different social circles so they can meet as many of their friends as possible.
  • Attend all your friends’ parties, as girls are likely to attend as well.

Variation: if you use social networks, interact with girls who have friends in common with you. Start a conversation with them in the comments section of your friends’ photos or send them a friend request. If they respond, send them a message to start a conversation.

Two Offer to help someone who needs it. Doing someone a favor can break the ice effectively and allow you to introduce yourself. Also, this will make you look like a good person. Do not hesitate to intervene if someone needs help. Then introduce yourself and see if you can start a conversation.

  • Maybe this person does not want to talk, and there is no problem with it. If he says thank you and wants to leave, just say “You’re welcome” and get away.
  • If you seem interested in the conversation, ask if you can buy a coffee or snack. Say “Would you like to have an ice cream yogurt? I invite”.

Attend local events and talk to the girls you meet. Local events are a wonderful way to meet people, even potential couples. Start a conversation by asking a girl a question about the event or sharing a comment you have. If you answer, keep the conversation. If you do not seem interested, go to another girl.

  • Check the calendar of events on Facebook to find out what happens in your area.
  • Join groups that interest you in (or a similar page in your region) and attend them.
  • Visit the local news pages to find out about the events in your area.
  • Talk to people you know to find out what they do.

You could ask …

“Have you heard this band before?”

“Are you in line?”

“Do you think it could rain?”

“Where did you get drinks?”

Join clubs or teams to meet girls if you are in school. Find clubs that reflect your interests, so you’ll meet girls who have something in common with you. Then he attends meetings and club events. Talk to other members and try to make friends with the girls that interest you. This will help you to know them.

  • Invite other members to spend more time doing things that relate to club activities.
  • Just try to make friends at the beginning.

Try online dating if you are over 18 years old. The great thing about online dating is that everything is there for the same reason. Send messages to girls who have interests similar to yours and talk to them a little before inviting them to a coffee.

  • Keep in mind that it is normal to send messages to many girls before one responds. Do not take it personally, as we all experience the same thing.

Part3: Create a connection

One Talk to girls who have interests and goals similar to yours. Focus your attention on girls who seem to be compatible with you. Consider your goals, interests, hobbies and personality. You do not have to find someone who is exactly like you in every aspect, but you will be more likely to get a girl’s attention if she shares something in common with you.

  • For example, they could play the same instrument or maybe both enjoy athletics.
  • Do not pretend to have something in common with a girl to get her attention. This is often counterproductive, as you will eventually find out that you are lying.

Two Provide authentic compliments to the girl that interests you. This will make her feel good about herself and show that she might be interested in being more than her friend. Say something nice about yourself and try to avoid compliments about your body. Just give her one compliment at a time so she does not get annoyed.

  • You could say “Your answer in today’s class was great”, “Your performance was amazing!” Or “This shirt is fantastic”.

Ask questions to learn more about a girl you care about. Talk to her about her person and show genuine interest in her answers. Nod your head when you speak and ask follow-up questions to learn more. This will show you that you are interested in her as a person.

  • Ask questions like “What do you like to do for fun?”, “What are your goals for the next 5 years?” Or “What is the most fun that has happened to you?”.

“It’s wonderful to make a combination of questions about your life and background, along with deeper questions about your values ​​and dreams.”

  1. 4 Show your sense of humor by telling jokes and stories. We all like to laugh, so using humor can make a girl like you more. Learn some internet jokes and think about the funniest things that have happened to you. When you are close to the girl you like, share them with her or with your group of friends.

Even bad jokes can be fun if you focus on the auction. Do not hesitate to laugh at your own jokes and act in a fun way.

Part4: Invite her out

One Give him a clue that you want to have an appointment suggesting an activity you could do together. This will show you that you are interested without having to say it directly. Mention the activity and ask if it interests you. If he says yes, suggest he leave together. If you are not interested, suggest something that you know you like. If you still say that you are not interested, it is best to continue with your life.

  • For example, say “The championship game is coming up and I was thinking about going. Are you interested? “
  • As another example, say “It’s been a long time since I went bowling. And you?”.

Warning: keep in mind that throwing clues could create a misunderstanding. She might think that they are just going to hang out as friends.

Two Be direct and invite her to an appointment . Being direct is the best way to get an appointment, but you could suffer a rejection. Tell the girl you’re interested in dating her and suggest a date.

  • Say “I think we have a lot in common and I would like to invite you out. Will you be free to have dinner this Friday? “

Make her feel special at the appointment by giving her your attention. The appointment is your chance to give her a good impression. Be nice to her and give her your full attention all the time. Here are some ways you can show him that you care:

  • Keep your phone saved.
  • Ask him many questions.
  • Look her in the eye while talking.
  • Ask him how he is doing.
  • Make compliments.

Invite her to a second appointment at the end of the night. Tell her that you have had a good time and want to see her again. Then send a message or call her after the appointment to mention that you have had a good time.

  • Say “I would love to go out with you again”.
  • You can also invite her to a second appointment later, if you prefer. For example, you could send her a text message to tell her that you have had a good time and invite her to a second appointment.
  • If you are an adult, it might be best to wait a few days.
  1. 5 Take some time to make your relationship develop. The amount of time they spend together in person will depend on their ages and their personal schedules. Send messages daily to keep in touch with her and interact with her on social networks, if both use them. Do your best to have frequent appointments or outings, even if you are only going to see them at school. Also, make an effort to sit close to her when they are in a class or an event together.
  • They are likely to go on some dates or send messages for a while before you ask them to be your girlfriend. Try to be patient, as rushing things can take you away.
  • Conversing, sending messages and spending time together will help deepen your connection, which can help you make it your girlfriend.
  1. 6 Ask her to be your girlfriend if you feel brave. Take her to a place where they can be alone and tell her that you like her a lot. Tell him you expect them to have an exclusive relationship and ask him if he would like to be your girlfriend.
  • Say “I had a lot of fun with you and I think it’s time for us to make it official. Would you be my girlfriend?”.
  1. 7 Send her a text message to find out if she wants to be your girlfriend, if you’re shy. Text messages are a wonderful option to express your interest without having to be face to face with it. Write what you feel for her and ask her if she would like to be your girlfriend. Do not write again until I give you an answer.
  • You could tell him “These last weeks have been fantastic. Do you want us to make it official and be my girlfriend? “
  1. 8 Be calm and respect your feelings if you say no. The rejection will feel terrible, but it is something that we all go through. Remember that you probably are not trying to hurt yourself, and you may have reasons that are not related to you at all. Accept your response with kindness and talk to someone who cares for you to support you.
  • Say “I understand. Thank you for being honest with me. “

If you do not want to talk to someone about your feelings, do something active (like running) that can help you deal with your emotions.


  • Do not try too hard for a girl you try to leave with if she does not devote the same level of effort. Maybe it does not interest you, so it’s better to move on with your life.
  • Do not try to speed things up to have a relationship. A healthy relationship requires time to develop and become something real.
  • Concentrate on living a life you enjoy, instead of getting a girlfriend. This will help you find love more effectively than trying to force a relationship with someone.
  • If you have a partner, do not try to make her break up with her.


  • Do not talk about past relationships. You must not do it for any reason, since it is definitely unattractive. You will only project the impression that you can not forget them.
  • Do not get mad at her if she rejects you. We all have the right to have our own feelings.

How to be a good girlfriend

Whether you are in a new relationship or you are approaching your fifth anniversary, there is a wide variety of tips you can follow to improve your role in your relationship. To be a good girlfriend, you have to be receptive and sincere with your partner, meet their wants and needs, and be willing to show your love and affection. Keep in mind that you should also strive to maintain your independence in order to enjoy a healthy relationship.

Method1: Be open

One Do not be too open in the first days. Starting a relationship is about making sure there is enough room for the two to get to know each other and trust that they are for each other. If you try too soon to do more of the relationship than it is, this pressure can scare you and ruin what could have been a good thing. Instead, be patient and keep in mind that it takes time to build a lasting and solid relationship. If you want to be a good girlfriend, avoid the following things:

  • Do not pressure him to classify his relationship very soon. You will not have to call yourself a girlfriend after a couple of dates, because maybe you make him feel that it was not his decision. Be patient and let him decide when to use phrases like taking things seriously, having an exclusive relationship, being serious, etc. If you are compatible with him, your relationship will develop soon.
  • Do not start talking about marriage and starting a family before you even meet your close friends and parents. Talking about these issues at the beginning can create tension from the beginning, which can stop or even end what could be an affectionate and productive relationship.
  • Do not feel the need to show off or impress him. You do not need to prove anything, you just need to be present and willing to listen, be attentive and share your interests.

Two Be honest . Being honest with your partner is very important, to the point of being essential, and it is equally important that you be honest with yourself . If you exaggerate or make a mistake, you can recognize it and apologize . If you feel vulnerable or upset, you can sort your feelings and comment on them in a non-accusatory way .

  • The most important thing here is to be as open as possible about your feelings. For example, if he does or says something that bothers you, be open about how it affects you, without accusing him or asking him to change.
  • If you establish solid communication from the beginning, you will know faster if the relationship will last or fail.

Say what you think . Do not be afraid to make your wishes, your needs and your opinions known, even when they may create a conflict. You do not have, and you should not, only please it. In addition, showing that you are unique with your needs, desires and focus of life will keep you interested in knowing and understanding you as a person. If you feel comfortable saying what you think, then he will feel the same way doing it.

  • Just remember to express yourself in a way that does not offend someone’s opinion or lifestyle in any way, since you can be humbleand frank at the same time using strategies of assertiveness and also considering their feelings.

Be yourself . Do not be false just to impress him. It may be tempting if you think you would prefer a different type of girl, but usually this is improvising insignificant things said or suggested, and you are probably wrong. After all, he wants to go out with you and not with some imagined form of perfection. But, if you really feel tempted to change things about yourself because he insists that you would be better skinnier, taller, prettier, quieter or whatever, then it is a good indicator that they are not compatible.

  • If he tells you such things in a persistent and annoying way, then it is not love, but an attempt to control you.
  • Do not pretend that you share your interests if it is not like that. It may seem fun or “safe” to do so at the beginning, but it will be extremely hurtful for him when he finds out that you do not really love what he does, since he may be basing his thoughts on your role in his future in something that is not real. and it will end up hurting both of you.

Method2: Be encouraging

One Shows interest in what he likes. Remember what he likes to do and what he likes to talk about. You do not have to act as if you love his hobbies, but at least try to understand why he is such a fanatic. If you love a band, try to understand why; If you like to be restless and immature, remember that maybe it’s your way of releasing stress. By learning to accept your unique way of being, you will also learn more about yourself and know if you see yourself living with it for the rest of your life.

  • You do not have to be interested in everythingyou like. For example, if you like to watch baseball but you can not get familiar with that, that’s fine too.
  • Simply asking him about his interests and talking about the things that matter to him may be enough.

Two Learn to work in a team. As in any healthy relationship, you will experience conflicts, some small and others big. Remember to be yourself and try to avoid any significant selfishness. A relationship is based on team work and something symbiotic, not parasitic, where one part gives and the other only receives without giving much in return. In a couple, both parties receive, do not discredit each other and appreciate each other in front of each other.

  • In difficult times, a team approach can help solve problems in a less emotional way, in which both assume responsibilities to fix the situation instead of waiting for the other to do so.
  • Avoid having a “one way” relationship in which the link revolves around only one thing. Maintain your strong relationship by providing variety and diversity by trying new and different things. In relationships you have to have fun together, learn together and grow together.

Deliver it more than you criticize it. If everything you say is a criticism or an aggression, you will not expect to see yourself again and will reconsider being with you. However, you also do not always have to agree with him because he is your boyfriend. Discretion is a better strategy in mature relationships, and establishing links and engaging are important strategies that must be learned and adopted.

  • Although you can say a valid criticism when you think it’s right, you have to tell it at least four positive things for every negative thing you say.
  • Do not bother him just because you’re in a bad mood or because things are not perfect.

Learn to commit yourself. If you want to be a good girlfriend, then you have to learn to commit yourself instead of fighting or getting angry when you do not have what you want. To commit well, both have to be able to talk rationally and calmly about a situation while understanding the perspective of the other person. Try to understand what your partner’s point is, instead of concentrating blindly on what you think you need.

  • You do not want to be that kind of girl who always gets away with it just because her boyfriend prefers to give in instead of standing firm because you get angry and upset so much that things are not what you expect.

Have your space. You have to support him, but also be able to be with him in spirit when they are not together. If you want to be a good girlfriend, you have to have your time to do your own things, to go out with your friends, and to see your partner. You have to know that you are thinking about her and that you support her even when you are not around. If you feel insecure and doubt the strength of the relationship as soon as they are far away, then you have a problem.

  • You have to support your partner if you want to go out at night with your friends, instead of trying to get involved. It is important that you let your partner spend time with their friends and leave without you.
  • If you feel you have the right to all your time and attention, learn not to be obsessive; You do not have to be a very protective girlfriend, let it go without you feeling watched.
  • Remember that you do not need everything and that you are two separate people at the same time that you are a couple. When you need a little space, do not take it personally (acknowledge it for what it is) your time to rejuvenate and share different interests with others. But, make sure he knows you will always be there for him.

Method3: Be adorable

One Be loving There are several ways to show your affection, some are more obvious than others, and the way you do it depends on how open affectively you are. Affection is similar but not equal to intimacy, affection is to show that you care at any time of the day or night, publicly or privately. Think about how you like to show affection to the people you love, for example, taking them by the hand, touching their arm, giving them quick kisses on the cheek, giving them a hug, stroking their hair, telling them words of support, mentioning how great they are in front of other people, etc.

  • Affectionate names like “sweetie” or “sweetheart” are a sweet way to show your affection to your partner, but try not to exaggerate, as it can be little stimulating to call him “gentle bear baby”, especially in public. Of all things, good communication is the essential part of any relationship, so make sure you know how much you want it.
  • Very affectionate texts and emails are often a plus, but sending too many will become overwhelming and sticky. This kind of thing shows you that you like it and that you want the relationship to last forever, but do not hurry so much that you scare it!

Two Be seductive Do not be afraid to be seductive. Most people find it irresistible when a girl is sexy, smart and confident. Safety means being happy with yourself. You will emit this trust without straining if you accept yourself and feel sure of how much you are worth. You do not have to strive to be the most popular and full of life if that is not your style; instead, it gives the best of you, taking care of you and trusting that you are worth your attention.

Make gifts. When you have a relationship, it’s fun to give yourself small gifts to each other. We all love to receive gifts and if you make one, you show him that he means a lot to you. Do not exaggerate, just give him gifts when you feel affectionate and you want to let him know how much you care, since you do not want him to think you’re trying to buy his love.

  • Prepare something by hand. A paper flower, an artistic heart, something creative that reflects your personality so that when you see it think of you and smile. If you are the kind of girl of the musical type or you play an instrument, play one or two songs (if you play a song that you wrote are extra points). You can add a private video of your song on YouTube.

Do not be jealous. You have to be affectionate but not to the point where you start to get mad either talk to her, or even mention, another girl. Nothing will bother your partner faster than being a girl so insecure that she can not stand the idea that there is another woman in the universe. On the contrary, she will appreciate more if you are friendly with her friends, instead of saying how ugly or annoying is any girl you see.

If you go out with your friends, do not send text messages every two seconds to make sure you are not talking to other girls, as this will make you see how little you trust him.


  • Do not let your friends manage your relationship, as it is yours and no one else’s. Of course, everyone can have their opinion, just as you have about their relationships. The point is that you do not have to listen to all the advice your friends give you if you do not want to, keep in mind that sometimes it is due to their incompatibilities with your boyfriend, which is fine because everything does not have to be perfect. Just listen to them and ask them to try to get along with him.
  • Appreciate all the good things in your relationship. Men feel comfortable when they’re appreciated, do not you? Learn to thank him for the things he does, even if that means thanking him for taking you home. All the things he does for you show the respect he has for you. Not all women have a good relationship, so appreciate yours.
  • Never let anyone tell you how to live your life, let alone your boyfriend. Do not let it press you, be open with things, including the impact of any requirement that expresses. Similarly, do not tell him how to live his life either.
  • Let him know that he is right when he has it. This is a great confidence generator, as well as admitting that you are responsible when you are going to blame is a good way to set aside the conflict in a relationship. Learn these skills fast and you will have the basis of a strong and shared relationship.
  • Try to get along well with your family and friends. These are the people who matter most to you, therefore, if they tell you good opinions about you, it will mean a lot to him. Try to make friends with your friends (as) and their brothers (as). Be respectful to your parents and try to please them. Do little things like becoming an accomplice of your mother or going shopping with your sister.
  • Do not try to change it. Just let him know what you like and if he loves you he will try to do it next time. If it is very different from the person with whom you aspire to share your life, consider the possibility of looking for that person and seeing this relationship as a learning opportunity.
  • Understand that all relationships are different and that there is no universal way to be a good girlfriend, because everyone has different interests.
  • If your boyfriend acts passively in relationship, it does not mean that he does not love you, but maybe he is shy or introverted. Maybe he was never in a relationship and he does not know how to react, or maybe he’s not the kind of person to shout from the rooftops, but still he can have deep feelings for you. Talk to him about why he acts like that and be understanding. It is possible that I am waiting for you to take the initiative because you had more experience in relationships than him, or maybe it is his way of being and you need to get used to it.
  • They should talk about any problem they may have, and solve it as a couple. This person should take care of you and spoil you, just as you do with her.
  • If your boyfriend is new, you should not press him at all. Otherwise, you may feel that you are using it.


  • Jealousy is a very dangerous emotion. Do not make him jealous intentionally because it will end up affecting long-term trust.
  • Do not feel insecure about your appearance. If he wants to go out with you, obviously he thinks you’re attractive
  • Do not compare your current partner with a previous one. Nobody likes this kind of comparison, even if your goal is to make your current partner look better. They will not be identical, and you have no right to judge people in relation to what resembles them. Instead, reflect on how much the current relationship works for you in the present.
  • Do not be annoying, that is, do not call him constantly, do not get mad when he spends time with his friends, do not demand him to spend more time with you, do not whine, do not complain about other people all the time, do not ask for recognition time (for example, do not always end your sentences saying “do not you think?”), etc.
  • Never flirt with your friends! No matter how cute you seem, you need to show him that he is the only man for you. If you feel the need to flirt with them, that indicates that you are not ready to have a monogamous relationship.
  • Never lie. Not only must you be honest, but transparent with all things. Do not leave anything without saying, even if it may seem strange, because it can cause problems in your relationship. There is something called lying by omission; Sometimes you have to say something to clarify the situation, since not doing so can lead you to think badly.
  • It’s okay to tell your friends about things, but remember to be respectful and avoid commenting on things that are embarrassing, confidential or rude. (Do not reveal your romances!) You can keep your friends updated on how the relationship is going, but avoid getting involved in it; Unless he is abusing you or other things are happening, in which case you have to tell them everything and allow them to help you quit. But, if you decide to share intimate information with them, he has to know and have authorization to do the same with his friends. Do not let me speak of you as an object.
  • Do not do secret tests with your boyfriend to see how he would react because it is humiliating, disrespectful and unfair. Also, you would not want him to do the same with you. The same happens when you press your boyfriend to have sex.
  • Do not check your phone unless he agrees. Expect the same from him.
  • Recognize the difference between constructive criticism and criticism that simply ruins a person’s personality because you would prefer them to act differently.
  • He will want a little space from time to time, so you should not offend him if he asks.

How to be a good boyfriend

It is not always easy to be a good boyfriend, even when you have an amazing girlfriend. A good boyfriend knows when to talk and listen, when to advise and be supportive, when to give you his full attention and when to give you a little space. It is necessary that you be someone of trust and admiration, and even someone who awakens your desire to be a better girlfriend. A good boyfriend adapts to the situation and knows that this work is never finished

Method1: Express and share feelings

One Be honest. In any relationship, and with only very rare exceptions, honesty is the best policy. If you are honest from the beginning of your relationship, you will be less likely to get into trouble over time.

  • You must tell him what he needs to know without overwhelming her with the truth. For example, if you had a serious relationship in the past, you can tell them without revealing all the details about your ex-partner.
  • Moderate your honesty with kindness. Do not feel that you should make each response resemble praise. Instead, it offers an alternative. For example, if she asks you if you like something that is being tested, tell her that she could look good but that blue is your favorite so far because it highlights her pretty eyes.
  • Not only should you feel comfortable being honest, but you should also accept their honesty. If you want to be a good boyfriend, you must speak truthfully.

Two Trust her. Trust your girlfriend and give her a reason to trust you. Trust should form the basis of your relationship. This will allow you to develop a more open relationship with her, as well as a very good understanding of what she wants, feels and needs.

  • You can show that you trust your girlfriend by telling her something that many people do not know about you.
  • You can reaffirm your trust in yourself by showing her that you care and that you are worried if she tells you something personal and important to her.

Participate equally in conversations. When they talk, try to find a certain balance in the flow of the conversation. If you are too quiet, you might think that you lose interest. On the contrary, if you talk too much, I might think that you are obsessed with yourself or that you are discourteous.

  • Conversations consist of giving and receiving. The same applies to relationships, because they are never successful when they are unilateral.
  • Surely, there will be times when you talk a lot (like when something exciting or important happens) or little (like when something bad happens). However, you should generally look for a balance in the conversation.

Be a good listener. Instead of thinking about what you will say next or something completely different, focus on listening to it. Think about what it says, and always show your interest and total attention in it.

  • Remember that talking to your girlfriend is not only about accepting what she says, but also about remembering it. If your girlfriend tells you an important experience, write it down in your mind.
  • If she has told you something twice before and you have no idea what she is talking about because you did not really listen to her, she will know and she will not feel happy.
  • He also “listens” to his nonverbal “conversations”. Learn to determine when something bothers you even when I do not tell you. What does your expression tell you, your body language or even the way it spins your hair?

Learn to commit yourself. Commitment is an important part of communication success. If both you and your girlfriend can not have a disagreement without getting involved in a big fight or without giving in to the needs of the other, then they have a problem. If you want to commit, you must express your needs and desires while understanding those of your girlfriend instead of ignoring her side of the story. 

  • After you have expressed your thoughts regarding a certain situation, you can work together to make a list of pros and cons, and decide the most appropriate method for you.
  • Sometimes, both you and your girlfriend will have to give in to the other, which is fine, as long as they take turns. For example, if she chooses the movie on a date, you must choose the place of the dinner.
  • Part of learning to commit is to use a calm and even tone of voice during a disagreement. Never yell, curse or (under any circumstances) hit, no matter how angry you are. If necessary, get away from the situation for a moment and come back when you can talk rationally.

Offer your support You can show your support by being available, listening carefully and showing an interest in what you say. When you spend time together, make an effort to be present and stay attentive to their needs. By offering your support, you will allow him to strengthen the sense of security and reciprocity in the relationship. Also, if you support her goals and dreams, she will support yours.

  • Stay by your side when you have to study for a major exam or finish college applications, or when you are stressed by something that may affect you in the future.
  • If you have a week or a busy month, give your support by doing small favors, such as picking up lunch or bringing it to your class, to facilitate their days.

Be understanding. If this means something to her, then it must mean something to you. It does not matter that you are not interested in the matter if it were not for her; A relationship consists of sharing experiences and offering your support. When you are upset, try to put yourself in their place and understand where this feeling originates. Do not ignore their feelings just because you think “they are not so important”.

  • Always make sure you listen to her and show sincerity when you comfort her. If you do not really regret it, try to change your way of thinking. Think about things from your perspective.
  • Sometimes, you may just want to cry and receive comfort. Instead of trying to solve your problems immediately, wait for her to take charge of your emotions before entering a practical field.

If you are upset, it is important that you ask if you want to talk about it. Let him see that you really care and, if he is not ready to do it yet, do not insist.

Method2: Demonstrate affection

One Show affection regularly. Show your love to your girlfriend by being affectionate. Small details, hugs, a kiss and perhaps a public demonstration of affection are just some of the ways to relate through affection.

  • Do not exaggerate, you will not want to make her feel uncomfortable. Do not forget to interpret your signals and, if you are not in the mood, do not kiss her.
  • On many occasions, even a light touch is appreciated. If your girlfriend is romantic, after seeing her for the first time in a couple of days, say “I missed you …” and put her arms around her hips to give her a loving hug.
  • Depending on your preferences, also try to give a light kiss on your lips, cheek, forehead or neck just to show that you really appreciate their presence. You can also kiss her hand by holding it and bringing it to your lips.
  • If you’re not sure how your girlfriend feels about public displays of affection, be discreet at first. Believe it or not, not all girls prefer to hold hands.

Two Appreciate its beauty. Give her additional praise when she strives to look beautiful, but also make sure she knows she can relax and be herself by your side. Do not make her feel that she should always look like a celestial being. You must tell her that she looks pretty no matter if she spent an hour fixing herself or if she just woke up.

  • If you do a new haircut or get a new outfit, let him know you noticed and tell him it looks amazing.
  • However, truly appreciating a person’s appearance is not as superficial as it seems. If you really care about a person, you will look beautiful regardless of the situation. Every time you feel this way about your girlfriend, tell her

Praise her with sincerity. You should praise your girlfriend as often as you can without making her feel suffocated. He praises not only his appearance, but also his personality. That way, she will know that you care about her appearance and what is inside her. If you give her reasons to trust your praise, she is more likely to trust herself.

  • Tell him more than just simple affirmations. For example, instead of just saying “You look good,” say “That really highlights your eyes” or “Your haircut really settles to the shape of your face.” The more specific you are, the more unique and appreciated the praise will be.
  • Even small and seemingly foolish compliments can be meaningful. Saying things like “You have a really beautiful handwriting” or “You’re amazing to park in parallel” can develop your confidence if you say it with sincerity. With them, you will also show him that you pay attention to him.

Obséquiale something in special moments and at any time. No relationship can survive only with gifts, no matter how sophisticated or expensive they may be. However, giving gifts attentively and resolutely can provide permanent demonstrations of your interest, attention and affection.

  • Make sure you give him a birthday, Valentine, Christmas or anniversary gift and other special occasions. Choose one that is reasonable and considered. It does not have to be expensive; just think about your personality and your preferences.
  • Think of the special details, such as adding your name to a necklace or a pendant that represents something you care about, like a snowflake in case you like skiing or a musical note in case you love to play an instrument, etc.
  • When you are together in the street, pay attention to their interests. I could mention something you like in a shop window or you want to try, like riding a horse. Do not just think about tangible objects, because gifts can be much more exciting and fun than a list of things.
  • Sometimes, give him a gift “just because.” Choose something from nothing every once in a while and give it just because you were “thinking about it”. This type of gift will have a great impact because it is unexpected and pleasant.

Give your relationship a dose of spontaneity. While familiarity is one of the most comforting aspects of a relationship, avoid falling into a routine by always doing the same things. While it is likely that there are one or two conventional things that you enjoy doing together, avoid it being the only thing you do. 

  • Instead, try to visit new places, try new activities and go to different parts of the city. Even if the new activities do not turn out to be what you expected, at least you will have shared the experience and you both can get to know each other better.
  • By mixing things, you will keep the emotion in your relationship and make your outings more refreshing. You will also create memories together that endure beyond experiences.
  • Surprise your girlfriend by doing something out of the ordinary from time to time. You could propose a career, dance without music or even give her a container of Lego blocks and encourage her to build something that represents them both.
  • Make a surprise trip. You can choose a place in advance and tell them what to pack without telling them where they will go. Of course, use your best judgment about your preferences. Maybe I adore the mystery and enthusiasm of going to an unknown place or maybe not.
  • If you mentioned the fact that you have never been to a national park or an unconventional city not far from where you live, take it without telling you the destination to which you will go. You will love the spontaneity and the fact that you took the time to listen to it.

Beware. Allow your girlfriend to feel needed, useful and appreciated, but not in an exaggerated way. Take care of your hygiene and cleanliness, set goals and strive. You can not be a good boyfriend if you do not take responsibility for your appearance.

  • Be proud of your appearance and the way you present yourself to the world. Making yourself look good (in your real appearance and, especially, in the way you behave) will also make her look good to her, something she will appreciate.
  • The relationship will not seem fun if you think you should always get stuck to do one thing or another. He wants to take care of you, but he does not want to become your mother.

Give her (both her and you) a little bit of individual space. Just because it’s your girlfriend does not mean it’s yours , which implies some kind of property. It is not necessary to be together all the time to have a good relationship. In fact, if you allow him to follow his own interests without controlling it every five seconds, he will love you even more.

  • Find a balance that allows both to spend more time alone, with their individual friends and with each other.
  • Spending time with your friends separately will allow them to appreciate each other even more when they meet again.
  • Maintaining different social hours will also give them something to “count on” when they get back together.
  • It is also good that they maintain different interests. Continue with your hobbies, sports and other interests you have made before you met. Although it will be great to find an activity that you both enjoy, you should not force her to watch sports with you if she does not want to do it or practice yoga with her unless it’s something you really want to do.

Keeping their interests separate will help them retain an individuality idea and grow separately so they can grow together.


  • If you start to get jealous because you talk to someone else, do not get frustrated or angry, because that will only make you think that you are obsessed with her. Talk to him about it and he will most likely change.
  • If your girlfriend is sad or upset, do not let her go to sleep in that state. Talk to her to determine the reason she feels that way. That way, he’ll know you care about her.
  • Tell him how you feel. If you are upset or happy, tell them, because girls like to help you feel better when you are depressed.
  • Trust yourself. That way, you will also help him trust you. Also, some girls like a bit of kitsch, but do not exaggerate either.
  • When they have a difficult period in the relationship, try to do things right instead of deciding who is right.
  • If someone else flirts with her, joke about it or make fun of her, but not cruel, because that could make her think you’re upset.
  • If your girlfriend does not like your best friend, tell her she has nothing to worry about and that you will be faithful.
  • Talk to her frequently. Send text messages, call them and let them know you care!
  • Ask him his preferences and show him that side of you more. For example, if you like your smile, smile more often; If he likes to run with you, then do it, but equalize his speed to then slow down and reach again. In this way, he will appreciate you for doing the little things that generate happiness.
  • Do not rush a relationship; on the contrary, conduct it at a constant rate.


  • When you are upset, never yell at her. Reassure her and approach the situation in a civilized way. This will keep everything under control and help you solve problems in a less conflictive way.
  • Do not embarrass her. Most people are ashamed if you talk about underwear, hygiene, sex, etc. in public. Remember that these things may be attractive to you, but for her they may be something she does not want to talk about in public. Also, never tell a funny story about her without her consent, especially if she tries to stop you. This will hurt your feelings, it will show you impress your friends and make them laugh is more important to you than the fact of not making her feel like a fool.
  • Do not be too sticky. She wants her personal space just like you. If you want to spend time with your friends or do something different than being with you, let them do it.
  • Never reprimand your family’s actions. No one can avoid the things that their relatives say or do. You can express your annoyance for something that someone has done or said, but then do not touch the subject.
  • Do not say or do things that you will regret because you will be in a very bad situation. If you know that you will explode and tell her something you will regret, it is best to leave her alone. Then send a text message after a couple of hours to see if it’s okay and talk to her.
  • Never tell her something you almost did for her but that you did not achieve for some reason. Like saying “I wanted to give you this gift, but I changed my mind” or “I was going to take the day to spend it with you and then I decided it was a bad idea”. You will not believe that you were considered, but you decided that it was not worth it.
  • If your partner sees you doing something that can easily be misinterpreted, do not say “It’s not what you think” or “This is not what it seems”. Take her hand (usually, try to get away), then look her in the eye, and tell her that you love her and that she is the only one for you. Then explain to her that it really was not what it seemed.

How to talk to a girl on the phone

Quality conversations are crucial to the success of a relationship. Even in these days and in this age of text messages and social networks, 87% of teenagers talk to their partner over the phone. The extra effort of a phone call can show a girl that you’re really interested and can make her feel loved. Whether you call your long-term girlfriend or a girl you just met, use these phone tips to make your conversations leave you sighing.

Part1: Choose a time and place to call

One Adjust to your schedule. It is in an hour to converse through text messages or wait to call it until you think it is free. Do not bother him or make him choose between you and his friends or family. Call her after her theater class, soccer practice, lunch in the cafeteria or family dinner.

Write him a couple of hours before you talk to him. Can you say something like “Hey, are you free tonight to talk?” Or “Can I call you at 7?” Be flexible and stay at a convenient time.

Do not take it personally if she does not have time to speak at that moment. It is possible that she is simply busy. Propose alternatives, such as: “What if I call you tomorrow night?” Or “Good luck in your quarterly exams! Are we talking this weekend?

Two Call from a quiet and private place. The girls will be more honest and will be more open to talking with you if they know that nobody can listen to their conversation. Do not call her when you are with your friends and do not put her on the speaker without her permission.

Give him your full attention. She is giving you her time and you must do the same. Most young people believe that doing several things at the same time distracts you from a conversation. Let her know that your conversation with her is the most important thing in the world. Do not send text messages, chat online, watch TV or talk to other people while you are talking to them.

Part 2: Have a little conversation

One Greet her cheerfully. Emotions are contagious.  If you sound friendly and want to talk, it is likely that she will respond in the same way. When she answers the phone, greet her in a way that opens the conversation and tells her you want to hear her. Use words that are appropriate for the relationship they have:

Hi how are you?

Hello Beautiful! How was your day?

I’ve been waiting to hear your voice all day! What have you been doing?

Two Leave a sweet voice message. If she can not answer you and your call goes to her voicemail, leave her a short and cute message. She will appreciate that you were thinking about her and will enjoy hearing your voice.

If you have been dating for a while, you can say: “I was just calling to tell you that I love you (or love you!)”.

If they are in a new relationship, leave a more casual voice message: “I just wanted to know how you are doing. I miss you!”.

Let him know what is the best time to call you back and do not end up crossing the schedule: “I will return from my football practice at 7. Maybe you can call me at that time?”.

 3 Start with a casual conversation. People are social animals and are “programmed” to have small talks with strangers. Small talks create a sense of connection as people get to know each other. Even a superficial conversation can be significant in a new relationship. Adhere to simple themes that make you feel comfortable:

Share a story of your day.

Ask him about his favorite team sport.

Talk about an event at your school.

Talk about a television show or a movie that you both have seen.

4 Make compliments. Let him know that you enjoy the conversation and his company. Without going too fast, tell him things that encourage him to open up with you:

You tell the best stories!

That’s very funny!

I’m dying to hear what happened next.

It’s so easy to talk to you.

Part3: Keep the conversation

One Let the conversation unfold naturally. If both have chemistry, the small talk will become a deeper conversation. Allow yourself to move from casual jokes to more personal topics. Take advantage of the conversation topics that allow them to get to know each other better:

I also have guitar lessons! Why did you choose the guitar over the other instruments in the world? “

Will they give you your license in three months? Where would you go if you had a car?

The school ends in just two weeks! Where will you go on vacation?

Two Be emotionally open. She will only be as honest and revealing as you are. Most people do not express their true feelings because they are afraid of rejection, not because they are not interested. If you let her know how much it means to you, she will feel safe telling you the same thing.

Every time I see you, my world lights up.

You are the most beautiful girl in this city.

I feel you understand me better than anyone else.

Ask open questions. Ask questions that allow you to elaborate an answer, give yourself a context and express your feelings. Do not stop the conversation with questions that she will answer with a “yes” or “no”.

Ask him “What?”, “How?” And “Why?” To open the dialogue.  For example, you can ask, “What is your favorite memory of childhood?”, “How did you get to meet Lady Gaga?” Or “Why did your family move here?”

Avoid starting the questions with “I bet you …”, “Probably …”, “I’m sure you …”, etc. These phrases suggest that you want a “yes” or “no” answer and will ruin the conversation. “I’m sure you enjoyed meeting Lady Gaga” or “You probably hated to have moved” will restrict the girl’s responses.

4 Avoid themes that ruin the conversation dynamics. You must be honest with the girl, but you will not want to offend her or make her feel uncomfortable. Measure your enthusiasm during the conversation. If you sound excited about a topic, explore it more. If she remains silent or is not sure and says “I do not know”, “maybe” or “I suppose” several times, it takes the conversation to a more pleasant territory.

Identify sensitive topics as you get to know it. You want your conversations to be positive experiences. Bringing him bad memories (divorce from his parents, an ex-boyfriend, his late grandmother, etc.) is not a shortcut for privacy. Let him know that he can tell you anything, but do not deliberately stir up sad emotions.

Going too fast can scare her. Do not sound obsessed or very needy. Do not make comments about your body that are very direct and that she does not appreciate.

5 If it’s your girlfriend, make plans about her future. Making plans together, whether for a night or for a lifetime, creates greater closeness in a couple. Talk about where you would like to live and travel if you could go anywhere, what kind of dog you want or what your dream home looks like. Have fun and use your imagination. Keep the conversation light and flirtatious; They do not need to create an action plan for their lives. Tell your girlfriend how much you expect to live all these adventures with her.

Part4:  Say goodbye

1 Tell him you enjoyed talking to her. Let him know that he is special and that you appreciate his conversation. She will be more inclined to call you if she knows you want to hear her voice.

I hope to speak to you soon! Call me at any time.

I’ll be thinking about your sweet voice all night.

Do not you vanish.

I’ll send you a message tomorrow morning!

2 Make her smile when you say goodbye. Say something nice just before you hang up that you know will make you happy. Make a joke that only the two understand, mole it with a nickname that you like or give it a compliment to make you blush.

Bye Beautiful!

Good night beautiful!

Muack! A good night kiss!


Do not try hard to impress her. You do not want to sound arrogant or insecure.

Do not talk about other girls to make her jealous. She will notice.

Speak in a calm, confident and flirtatious voice the entire time you are on the phone.

Make sure you have many minutes on your phone before calling. You do not want to cut an important moment in the conversation or make him believe that you ended the call.

Make sure your conversation does not get too boring. Remember that it is not a call to your grandmother.

Do not lose your patience or try to fight over the phone. She will stay away from the drama.

Respect your family and your culture.

You can tell funny things to make her laugh, just take care not to exceed a certain limit that borders on vulgar or vulgar.


Do not even think about harassing her by phone! I could denounce you and that will get you into serious trouble with justice.

How to start a conversation with a girl

Starting a conversation with a girl you do not know can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to start conversations with the girls you just met.

Method1: Flirt during the conversation

One Make compliments. Do it in a genuine and kind way. Tell him he has a beautiful smile, that you like his necklace or that his laugh is contagious. Make her feel special. Try not to overwhelm her with more transcendental praise, since you will sound little sincere.

Try saying, “You have a big smile, it’s very contagious.”

You can also say: “That’s a nice dress, red looks great”.

Two Try a phrase to flirt. A good phrase to flirt will make a girl laugh and it will definitely get her attention. Avoid anything that sounds too corny or scary. The key to a working phrase is trust, so do not be shy!

For something romantic, try: “Hi, I’m Andrew, I thought we should have at least one conversation before we get married.”

For something eye-catching, try with: “I can not think of anyone else with whom I’d rather survive the zombie apocalypse.”

For a compliment, try: “My friends bet me that I would not be able to talk to the prettiest girl in the bar. Do you want to buy drinks with your money?” 

Focus on non-verbal cues. You can use nonverbal cues, such as body language or facial expressions, to turn a comment that would not otherwise be flirtatious into something with a romantic background.

Maintain an open and attractive body language. Keep good eye contact and smile, smile and smile!

Gently touch your hand or arm when telling a story, this will help you create intimacy and take you out of the friendship zone.

Avoid using negative body language such as crossing your arms, frowning or looking down.

Method2:  Chat with someone you do not know

One Get closer to her Get close to the girl you want to start a conversation with, smile and say hello. Tell him your name and ask for hers. Do not complicate it. A genuine and cordial greeting will always be better than a corny phrase.

In any situation, use a direct introduction. For example: “Hello, my name is Bob, what’s your name?”

In a bar, you can offer the girl a drink. For example: “Hello, my name is José, can I buy you a drink?”

Two Ask him how he is. Ask a girl kindly how she has done in the day or how she feels is a good way to make her talk. It also makes a good impression, since it shows that you are really interested in it and are willing to listen to it.

A simple “How do things go today?” it never fails. Make sure you hear his answer, it’s not a rhetorical question!

Ask him: “How did you do today? Did you do something fun?” This will encourage you to give more than one word response and it will give you the opportunity to show off your incredible listening skills.

Make a comment about the weather. You can not fail with a harmless observation about the weather, or some other objective issue. Make a comment about how sunny, windy or rainy it is. This will give you a safe topic with which to break the ice. Once she has responded, you can move on to more interesting topics.

Turn it into a question, rather than an affirmation. Say something like “Nice day today, right?” or “It seems that this rain will calm down soon, do not you think?” This will give you the opportunity to respond.

If you do not like the climate approach, try another safe topic. For example, you can try to comment on your surroundings. In a bar, you could say something like: “Wow, there’s a lot of people here tonight, do not you think?”

Ask a question about work or studies. Finding common ground can help you break the ice in a conversation. Ask reflective questions about work or studies so that the conversation flows.

If you attend a class together, ask what you think of it, if you like the teacher or if you are interested in whatever you are studying at that time. Say something like: “Have you seen the essay topics for the next semester? Do you know what topic you are going to write about?”

If they work together, ask them if they are working on an interesting project at the moment.

Mentions themes of popular culture. Making reference to popular culture is an intelligent and non-personal way of talking about personal interests. When you discover what kind of movies or music a girl likes, you can get an idea of ​​the type of person she is and what her interests are. This valuable information could help you plan a great appointment in the future.

For TV shows, ask something like: “See Mad Men? Who is your favorite character?”

For music, ask: “Have you heard the new Daft Punk album? What did you think?”

For the films, “Have you seen the latest Tarantino movie? I’ve been told it’s fantastic.”

Mention an upcoming event. Mentioning an upcoming event, such as a music festival or an exam, can give you something to get excited about or get nervous about. This will create a relationship between the two of you and allow the girl to see how much they have in common.

If you’re both taking the same test, you might say something like, “I’m afraid of next week’s math test, I’m not good at algebra, how do you feel about that?”

If you have a conversation about music, you can mention the next festival. Say something like, “Are you going to Coachella this year? I went with a group of friends last year, we had a lot of fun! What bands would you like to see?”

If a holiday is approaching, you might say something like, “I can not wait for Halloween next week, my friend is going to have a party at home and I have a great werewolf costume planned, will you do something fun?”

Method3: Talk with a friend

one Mentions a friend in common. Talking about a mutual friend in your conversation will help you establish a personal connection with the girl, even if you do not know her well. She will feel more at ease, since you will not seem like a complete stranger. Having a friend in common will also give you something (or someone) to talk about.

Try saying something like, “I heard you’re a good friend of Allison, how did you two meet?”

Or something like: “Oh, so you know Daniel? We’ve known each other for a long time! It’s very funny, do not you think?”

two Brings out a shared experience. Having a shared experience, whether working as a volunteer or growing on a farm, will help create a personal connection between the two of you and establish the beginning of a bond.

If you realize that both grew up on a farm, you could say something like: “It can not be, me too! The worst part was early morning, my dad would get me up at 5 am every day during the summer to help him. How was it for you? “

If both of you have worked on volunteer projects, you could say something like: “I think it was a very rewarding experience, what inspired you to get involved?”

Ask an interesting question Making an unusual or thought-provoking question will break the ice and allow the girl to say what she thinks. This will give you the opportunity to express yourself and you will leave a good impression by asking such an interesting question. Everyone wins!

Try something like, “If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?”

Or something like: “What are the five best places you want to visit before dying?”.

Or maybe: “Have you ever thought about doing a parachute jump?”

Mention a shared interest. Discovering that they have a shared interest is conversational gold and it will really help you to start establishing a link with it. No matter what the interest (reading, running, climbing, etc.), what matters is that it is something they share.

If you find that you both like to run, you could ask what your favorite local routes are or if you have ever thought about training for a marathon.

If you both like to read, you might ask her who her favorite author is or what she thinks of a recent film adaptation of a well-known novel.

If it is something very peculiar, ask him how he got involved for the first time and compare their stories.

Ask him a personal question. If things are going well and you two seem to be congenial, it could be time to be a little more personal. Remember that the goal is to show that you are really interested in her and want to know her better, not make her feel uncomfortable. Do not ask anything that you do not feel comfortable answering yourself.

Make it something positive! Do not ask her what is her biggest fear or her biggest secret, ask her about her hopes for the future or where she sees herself in ten years. Let her decide if she wants to respond seriously or keep things lightly.

Ask him about his family, starting with something simple and non-invasive like: “Do you have siblings?”

If you want to know if she is single, just ask her: “Are you dating someone for the time being?”

Method4:  Improve overall behavior

one Project confidence. The key to all flirting is trust. What women really want is a man who feels comfortable in his own skin, a man who is happy, capable and confident.

Update your wardrobe. When you feel good about your appearance, you will naturally project confidence, so get rid of the baggy jeans and invest in some good quality, well-fitting pieces to help you look and feel like a 007.

Speak with clarity and confidence. This does not mean talking more than the others or interrupting them constantly, but try to talk a little louder than you normally would. Avoid qualifying phrases with too many “totally” and “you know?” 

Two Listen well. Try not to dominate the conversation. Ask lots of questions and listen carefully to their answers. Listening will show that you are interested in her and what she has to say.

Stay involved in the conversation. Open up a little, give the girl more and more reasons to like her. Answer your questions and let me know you a little, but do not do it again and again, the goal is to involve and intrigue, not bore.

Make eye contact. Maintaining good eye contact will make you look more reliable and attractive. Looking someone in the eye is a natural thing when you feel comfortable and safe. Be sure to look directly at her whenever either of you is talking, but remember to look away during the pauses in the conversation, to stare at her is creepy!

Smile. Smiling will make you look happy, approachable and more attractive. That’s the kind of man girls want to have around, so it shows those white teeth.

Avoid the “yes” or “no” questions. The questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” are not the best way to start a conversation. Closed questions are not effective in getting the girl really involved in the conversation. Try to ask more interesting and open questions that require long and thoughtful answers. Closed questions should only be used at the beginning of the conversation to put a minimum amount of pressure on it. Starting conversations with strangers is an already uncomfortable experience and making it more uncomfortable for her by pressing it with an open question can be counterproductive. So you can start with open questions like “Is this the first time you come here?” or “How are you?” so that they are more comfortable with the situation before continuing with the more open questions.

Avoid controversial issues. Bringing controversial issues to the conversation can make you feel uncomfortable, restless or just angry. Avoid seeking your views on issues such as politics or religion during the first conversation or your relationship will run the risk of ending before it has even begun. 


Show yourself interested, but not too anxious. If someone else is competing for your attention, be prepared to walk away so as not to look desperate. Most girls love challenges, so your willingness to get away from the conversation can make them even more interested in you.

If you seem to be interested in you, do not hesitate to ask for your number. The next day, send her a text message saying that you liked talking to her.

Send her a text message within the first two hours saying, “Hey, I really enjoyed talking to you today, would you like to stay at another time?” In this way, she will know that you are “interested” in her.

Comment on something that both are doing. If you travel together on the bus, tell the driver about it or make a joke about the traffic. If you both wait for coffee, joke about how long you are taking the line or ask what you are going to drink.

If you know her enough, try to invite her out without being rude.

Try to keep things light. Do not share your deepest secrets immediately, just have fun and be yourself.

Do not be afraid of a possible rejection. If a girl you like does not feel the same, your relationship with her does not have to become uncomfortable. The rejection will be as uncomfortable as you allow it to be.


In some cases, the girl will not want to answer your questions or talk to you. Tell him something polite and keep on yours.

Do not trust yourself much even if you see her alone, it is very likely that her boyfriend is around; much more if he is jealous. In that case it is best to stay away from it and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

How to make your girlfriend want to have sex with you

So you reached that point in your relationship where you want to take things to another level. Some people think that sex is not a big deal and others see it as something they just want to share with a very special person. While you should never force your girlfriend to have sex with you, you can calm some of her fears and reassure her that you are a person she can trust completely. After doing so, sex will come naturally.

Be reliable . If you want your girlfriend to have sex with you, first show her that you are an incredibly reliable boy. If your girl is going to trust you enough to have sex with you, then she must feel that you are worthy of her trust, whether it is her first time or if she has had sex before. One of your fears is that after I have sex with you, I can no longer trust you because you got what you wanted. So try to prove him wrong by showing him that you are a respectable and reliable boy.

It appears when you say that you are going to appear. If you always pick her up to leave with a half hour delay, she will think that it is not so special for you and will be less likely to have sex with you.

Keep your word. If you say you’re going to take her to the beach on the weekend, do it. If you do not keep your word, she can not trust you.

I know your support. Let her talk about her problems and insecurities knowing that you can make her feel better.

Do not let hours or even days go by without returning the call or text messages. This will make you feel that you can not trust you.

Give him time . Some guys may be ready to have sex with a girl in the time it takes to drink a beer, while some girls may take months (or even more) to decide if they are ready to do so. Also, some girls (sorry, gentlemen) remain firm in saving themselves for “the ideal man” and do not have sex before marriage. So do not hurry. Wait until the girl first trusts you.

If your girl is hardly comfortable with kissing, then do not even mention the word “sex” for a while.

However, if you and your girlfriend feel comfortable kissing and touching each other in bed after only a few weeks, then you can think about taking things to the next level.

The worst thing you can do to have your girlfriend have sex with you is to try to force her when the time is not yet appropriate. This will take away the excitement and make it less likely to sleep with you.

Do not act like you’re obsessed with sex. Let’s face it: if you’re a man of a certain age who is desperate to have sex with his girlfriend, then you’re probably obsessed with sex. But that does not mean you always have to tell jokes, make hints or even brazen references about sex. The last thing you want is for your girlfriend to think you’re a horny boy obsessed with sex who does not care what girl he goes to bed with. Make her feel special, as if you only wanted her .

You do not need to hide the fact that you are a man with needs, but avoid being vulgar, talking about sex all the time or talking about other people who have sex all the time.

Do not make derogatory comments about other women. This will make your girlfriend feel like an object. Remember that you are not with your friends, but with your special girl.

Be true . If you want your girlfriend to trust you, then you must be faithful. She will never have sex with you if she thinks you talk, you watch other girls or even if you go out with another woman. While you do not have to be rude or ignore the other girls, you have to concentrate all your attention on your girlfriend so that she knows that you will always be there for her, especially after you start having sex.

Spend a lot of time with her. Make sure you plan at least one or two appointments a week and talk to her at least once a day if you are not together.

There is a big difference between being faithful and being possessive and suffocating your girlfriend with affection. You should make it clear that you want to see her when they go out together, but do not try to see her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or else she will start backing out.

Do not show your girl that you are faithful simply by being faithful. Show him fidelity as a friend, brother and companion. Show him fidelity in many aspects of your life and your girl will be impressed.

Part2: Treat it well

Treat her like a lady . If you want your girlfriend to have sex with you, then treat her like a lady, not like someone you just want to sleep with. To do so, you have to be a gentleman and also be polite, kind, understanding and admirable. Open the doors for her, give her your bag when she is cold, run the chairs for her and help her carry the heavy bags.

Make sure to compliment her to let her know how good she looks or how special she is to you.

It is important to be a gentleman, but do not do anything that seems strange to you, but you will realize that you are not being yourself.

Clean your house . It may seem silly, but if you want your girl to feel special, then do not invite her to your house if it looks like the setting of the movie “World War Z”. Make sure to remove dirty clothes from the floor, clean the kitchen counter and make your bed look and smell as clean and cozy as possible.

This will not only make your girl feel special, but you will make her feel more willing to have sex with you. She will not want to have sex if your bed is covered in candy wrappers and dirty underwear.

If you drive with your girlfriend, make sure you keep the car clean. Give your girl the respect she deserves by making sure she has a clean seat.

Show him interest in his whole person, not just in his body. The biggest fear of your girl may be that you do not care about her feelings at all because you are too busy thinking about her body, so you have to prove her wrong. Show her that you care about her as a person and that you care about her dreams, hopes and the things that motivate her.

Ask him about his friendships, his childhood and about his favorite experiences.

Show him that you value his opinion. Ask him what he thinks about the political situation in your country or what he thinks of your new attire.

Look her in the eye when you talk to her. Show him that everything he says is important to you.

Invite her to romantic dates. If you want to create sexual tension, you first need to create romance. Make her feel special. Get ready for her, invite her out and choose a romantic place to dine, drink something or even look at the stars. You do not have to do anything that seems uncomfortable or too cheesy to make her feel special.

Although both have fun in basketball games, birthday parties or in loud and sweaty concerts, these events are less likely to lead you to make love.

Doing something romantic from time to time will show your girl what is important to you.

Be attentive with your needs. If you are not attentive to your girl’s daily needs, then how will you be attentive to her in bed? Your girl needs to feel that you perceive when she is sad, nervous, restless, or simply hungry or cold. Pay attention to your eyes, your body language or your words to notice if something bothers you. If you act indifferently when it is obvious that there is something that bothers you, then you will think that you really do not pay attention to it.

If something seems wrong, do not be afraid to ask what it is about. This will show you that you care about her.

Make sure your girlfriend is ready to have sex . If you really want to treat her well, then you must have an idea of ​​whether or not she is ready to have sex. If you are your first boyfriend, if you have little sexual experience or if you are deeply religious or have moral convictions that stop you from having sex with you, then back off and wait for her to trust you enough to even consider the idea of ​​having sex. Here are some ways to know if you want to have sex with you:

If things have become quite animated when you spend time alone with your girlfriend, then perhaps she is ready to take the next step.

If she lately talks about sex, has given you sexual compliments or touches you more than before, then she is probably ready for sex.

If she implies that she wants to spend the night with you, spend a lot of time in your bed or invites you to her house late at night, then she is probably ready for something more intimate.

If your girlfriend has deep moral or religious convictions that make you not want to have sex, then do not force her. Accept that some girls will never have sex until they get married and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Part3:  Excite her

Prepare. If you plan to have sex or even talk about sex with your girl, then get ready with some condoms in case the opportunity presents itself. This does not mean you have to show her condoms or make her feel uncomfortable, but you should be prepared in case things go in a favorable direction.

If your girlfriend wants to have sex and you have to run to the pharmacy to buy some condoms, it is possible that you ruin your first sexual experience.

2 Create the environment If you want your girl to have sex with you, then you have to create the environment. Start the night doing something romantic to make you lose your fears. Then, take it to your house (clean), where you must have red wine, grapes, chocolate and some light jazz on the radio. Light the candles and the radio to make your girl come to a romantic mindset and offer her something to eat or drink.

If it seems corny, then just do something that makes them both comfortable. If you only want to dim the lights instead of lighting candles, it will be fine.

Kiss her . If you want your girl to have sex with you, then you must be a teacher in the art of kissing. Even if you already have experience, you have to know how to kiss in different ways and make your kisses feel unique. Do not overwhelm her or handle her the instant you kiss her. Rather, take it easy, gently rub your lips while you touch her hair or caress her face.

Pause between the kisses so that your girl has time to take a breath and to wish you even more.

It is not very likely that you have sex with your girlfriend if all you do is kiss. Things take a little more time to achieve a natural evolution.

Play to make yourself difficult . If you really want your girlfriend to want you, then do not act like a sexual beast that moves quickly from kissing to groping and tearing clothes to going straight to bed. Rather, kiss your girlfriend for a few seconds, then back off, caress her and talk to her. Repeat this process a few times and wait for her to go crazy.

Why does playing play make you difficult? Because it makes your girlfriend feel that you love her, but that you are controlling your desires and you are not desperate to put your hands on her (even if you really are).

This game will make your girlfriend be the one to ask for more.

If you want to excite your girlfriend, think about doing more than just kissing. Start by gently caressing her arms, the back of her head and her hair, and as things progress, caress her breasts on her blouse or wait for her to touch you. If they took off their clothes (or some clothes), you can kiss their breasts or touch them over their underwear to excite them.

Just make sure your actions are matched. If you touch her and she just stands still without even making a sound, then you’re probably making her uncomfortable. Make sure it is ready for more before continuing.

If you are already in bed and there is a lot of sexual tension, then you can simply ask her if she is ready to have sex with you. It does not have to be an elaborate or corny question, just say, “Are you sure you’re ready?” and be prepared for any answer.

Never press it. If your girlfriend says she is not ready to have sex with you, then do not pressure her. Do not try to give arguments, do not say things like “But we’ve been together for a long time”, “Everyone does it” or “But I really like you a lot”. You will not make her feel better. In fact, trying to reason with her will only make her feel more frustrated, upset and less willing to sleep with you.

Respect your wishes. If you change your mind and say no, or ask you to stop during the act, do it immediately. It may be useful to have a conversation with her previously about what she wants to do and things she is not ready for. Pay attention and never do something that you do not feel comfortable with.

Be a good interpreter. Learn to interpret your actions, do not insist if you show against. There will always be a tomorrow for you to try again. We recommend trying to “excite” her when she is in a good mood. Feelings can not be faked, because they are a function of the mind. The opportune moment and taking things slowly in the end will captivate you no matter how long the process takes you.

How to make your boyfriend spend more time with you

It is possible that you do not spend as much time as you would like with your boyfriend. Just as it is important to give space, it is also important that you receive what you need from the relationship. You may have to commit to improving and being creative so that your schedules fit in, but make sure you do not do all the work yourself.

Method 1:  Understand the problem

 Examine your feelings. Write down what frustrates you or have a conversation with a friend who is reliable. You may feel abandoned, frustrated or insecure, or all of the above. Try to determine if your partner does not really fulfill their part in the relationship agreement or if your expectations regarding it are unrealistic. Think about how your feelings have changed over time and consider whether this problem is a symptomatic aspect of any other problem in the relationship.

Find the reason for it. Think about your relationship and remember all the times you’ve seen your boyfriend recently. Try to understand why he does not spend time with you as much as you would like. It can be much easier to find a solution when you know completely what is wrong. Keep in mind that speculations will only take you to a certain point. The best way to understand the problem is to ask your boyfriend about it.

Maybe your boyfriend is too busy with work or stressed out because something else has come up in his life that is stressing him. You may not feel like you can relax or go out with you right now. Be patient.

Maybe your boyfriend is not trying as hard as you in your relationship. If you are always the one who has time for your boyfriend but he does not do the same, it may be time for a change. Do not let him take advantage of you.

Your partner may be perfectly happy in the relationship but completely ignore that you feel careless. Try telling him how you feel and asking him to spend more time with you.

Believe in yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see more time for someone you care about, especially if they’re “dating” and have committed to spending time with each other. Just because you want to spend time with your boyfriend does not mean you have to believe that you are “dependent” or “sticky”. The important thing is that both have the same expectations of the relationship.

Method2: Communicate

Talk to your boyfriend Tell him you want to spend time with him more often. Explain how you feel about the situation but without accusing it. It is possible that he does not have much experience in relationships and that he does not even realize that you are sad about how things are going. Sometimes, being on the same page is enough to solve the problems.

Listen to him Ask him how he feels. Try to find out if there is any reason why your boyfriend does not date you as before. Be patient. Let me explain your version of the story.

Although it is not necessary that you should blame yourself, it is possible that you are doing something that causes you not to go out with you. This does not mean you should change. However, it is likely to help you understand what is wrong.

Ask him to spend time with you. Once you have explained your feelings and listened to their point of view, the most important thing is to be alone with them. Set an appointment in the near future and make it comply. It does not need to be elegant: it could mean simply separating an hour to walk together.

If your boyfriend rejects your invitation without having a good reason and does not tell you at what time they could do the activity, it may be time to rethink the relationship. It is not fair or healthy for you to concentrate your energy on someone who does not want to spend time with you.

Method3 Find common interests

1  Be positive when you are together. You do not need to pretend joy, but do not get submerged in the concern about the details of your relationship. Stay comfortable, stress free, have fun during the time you spend together. If you and your boyfriend only talk about the problems, it is possible that he has formed a negative association with respect to spending time with you. That said, if you need to talk about them, you can let them out.

2 Find activities that you like to do together. Whether walking, going to the beach or watching a movie in the evening, find something that excites them. Consider something that interests you lately and that you prefer to spend time doing it. Remember those times when they met and what they both did at the beginning of the relationship. Find common interests.

If you are not sure, you may need to take a more active approach. Try it with as many things as you can until you find some interests that you both enjoy.

Think about what you do with your friends. You should not perform those activities nor should you reduce the time spent with them completely. However, it may be useful to know what you are doing during that time.

Be nice and stay open. Familiarize yourself with your thoughts and feelings by being true to yourself. Be considerate and do not force him to do things that make him feel uncomfortable. Do not try to make him jealous or stress him just so he can spend time with you.

Commit . When you spend time together, try to achieve a balance on what you and your partner want to do individually. It is possible that sometimes you have to do something that bores you to be close to him. If you do things that he likes, you may be more willing to spend time with you when you do things that he does not like.

For example, if you hate baseball but your boyfriend loves it, and you enjoy going to museums but your boyfriend does not tolerate visiting them, make an agreement: if you go to a baseball game, he will accompany you to a museum!

Recognize when to end the relationship . Check periodically if things have improved. If your boyfriend spends more time with you in a way that he enjoys it, you should continue with what you are doing. However, if your boyfriend does not spend time with you despite the effort you make, then it is probably time to put an end to the relationship . It is possible that they simply do not have interests in common, do not like them as much as you thought or just is not the type that spends a lot of time with their partners. Whatever the case, it clearly does not give you the attention you need, so if you do not feel comfortable, consider leaving it.


Be happy with yourself. People who can be happy only with themselves as a company usually depend less on other people to spend time with them. Of course, it’s always nice that your boyfriend comes out with you more often, but being happy with yourself always helps.


Do not just assume the reason that I do not spend much time with you until you sit down and talk about it. It is possible that he ignores the problem while you think it is an infidelity. Do not get ahead of the facts!

Do not try to force the situation too much. Acuse it to spend more time with you, otherwise you will only succeed in driving it further away.

How to make your boyfriend kiss you

Have you started a relationship with that special boy, but you’re not sure how to get that first kiss you’ve been looking for? Follow these steps to let your boyfriend know that you really want him to kiss you.

1 – Brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly before seeing it. You should also use dental floss to clean them thoroughly. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath or who still has traces of food trapped between their teeth.

2 – Stay alone. It is possible that your boy wants to kiss you but he could get nervous doing it in front of other people. The only motivation you might need to kiss is to be alone. If you are inside a group of friends or at a party, make up an excuse to get away from the rest. Walk towards him, touch his arms and tell him you want to talk to him or take his hand and ask him to accompany you; It’s your boyfriend after all!

  • Stay close to him when they are alone. If you do not get close enough or have an object between you, I might think you do not want to kiss him.

3 – Do something romantic. You do not need to pay for a candlelight dinner to create a romantic moment. Anything that involves physical contact is enough. If you can provoke a little sexual tension, much better.

  • Invite him to watch a movie or a show. Let him sit on the sofa first, you could even make up an excuse to prepare popcorn and have it installed before you. When you come back, sit next to him without giving him room to be nervous and get away. The most likely is to place your arm around you, one more step on the ladder to the kiss.
  • Go field day to a secluded place. When you go on a picnic, curl up with him and offer him a strawberry or grape, suggesting that you want to feed him. Move your gaze from his to his lips several times. When you give it to eat, let your fingers gently stroke its lips.

4 – Invent an ingenious trick to make it approach you. If your boy is shy, he is likely to look for a subtle way to approach your face, so give him a reason to do so. Invent an ingenious motive for both to approach. When you lean towards you give your best look “hot, seductive and willing to be kissed.” Your trick can create the moment you have been waiting to kiss you. 

  • Tell him that you want to see better the color of his eyes or that you think there is something in yours and that you would appreciate that it helps you take it off. You could also pretend that there is a crumb on your face, get closer when you “take it off” and look it in the eyes.

1 – If you have not broken the touch barrier yet, it’s time to do it. Touch your elbow, take your hand or put yours on your knee gently. Pushing down this barrier will help them overcome some complexes they may have with respect to physical contact.

  • Once you have broken the touch barrier, keep it that way. When you laugh, put your hand on her arm. When you walk, take his hand and hold it. Hopefully I’ll give you the meeting halfway and start picking your hand too.

2 – Cuddle with him. Doing so lets you know that you like physical contact and that you really feel comfortable by your side. It is one of the clearest clues you can give and doing it often results in kissing.

  • When they are curled up, rest your head on your shoulder. Interlace your fingers with yours and lie down with satisfaction. All these physical tests will tell you “I love being near you, now kiss me fool!”.

3 – Practice your pout Making your boy focus completely on your lips will make the idea of ​​kissing you inevitable. Do everything you can to keep your attention on your lips. A classic way is to bite them gently while you look at them.

  • Apply lip balm (let me see you doing it). Keep in mind that your lip gloss can be sticky and consequently make your kiss too. If you want to avoid this, use a lip balm or a moisturizer.
  • Pass an ice cube over your lips if it’s hot outside. Not only will it make you look seductive, but it will also give your lips a shiny appearance similar to that of the protector.
  • Lick your lips when you eat something juicy. If you eat watermelon, ice cream or something that tends to drip, leave a little on your lips and then gently wash it. Just be careful that it looks in bad taste, your goal is to look seductive, not as “a girl who urgently needs a napkin”.

4 – Flirt with your eyes, eye contact is an important part of giving your kid a clue that you want to kiss him. Look him in the eyes and smile a little. Smile with your eyes. Move your eyes from his eyes to his lips a couple of times, perhaps adding a flirtatious flirt.

  • Here is another way to flirt with your eyes: when you look at each other, especially when their faces are close, keep eye contact for a moment, then look down shyly. Hold your gaze down for a moment and then look again.

5 – Give some clear clues when you say goodbye. If you expect a goodnight kiss, this step is particularly important. When you say goodbye, hug him and kiss him on the cheek. Then, look him in the eyes. Even if I do not kiss you at that moment, you will have shown that you are perfectly comfortable with kisses and physical contact.

When you embrace him, you can place your head on his chest to bring him closer to him. If you do, be sure to use an irresistible perfume, this way you can not help but notice how good you smell.

Part3 Give verbal cues

1 – Flirt with your words. Just because he’s already your boyfriend does not mean you should stop flirting him. This keeps the relationship active and healthy, in addition, it will show you that you still like it. Act evasive and crush it (but not too much). You could even bother him with the fact that he does not kiss you (which is a pretty direct way of saying “I want you to kiss me!”).

  • Send flirty text messages when they are not together. Insinuating and funny text messages are a great way to have a nice gesture with him even when you’re not by his side. Just remember that you should not saturate it with messages that may take away your interest.

2 – Make him feel confidentBoys like to feel like they are big, strong men present in girls’ lives, so make him feel that way. Even if you do not need to open a tightly closed jar, a good way to increase your confidence would be to say something like “oh, look at those muscles!” Of course, this is another way to flirt, but it’s the kind that will increase your confidence, giving him, with luck, the impulse he needs to kiss you!

3 – Be direct and ask him to kiss you. Being direct has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you will probably get results immediately and that you demonstrate how safe you are, which is very sexy. The disadvantages are that the result you get immediately may not be what you want, you may still need some time to overcome your shyness or not as excited as you thought. Regardless of the reason, you will get results and you will take the pressure off by telling them exactly what you want.

  • You can ask for it in a sexy and at the same time direct way. When you give a goodbye hug, lean towards him until your lips caress his ear and whisper something like “kiss me” or “I want to kiss you”. The odds are that your words, along with that little caress with your lips, will be enough to make you lose all shyness and go straight to the kiss


  • Do not force it! Nobody likes to be forced to kiss.
  • By showing him a big smile at the end of the kiss and giving him a hug, he will know that he has done well and that you are very happy about everything, which will make him happy too!
  • To not feel discomfort after the kiss, always look deeply into his eyes and give him a big smile.
  • Do not look nervous. That will only make him nervous.
  • If he is known to be an excellent kisser, do not worry, chances are you will learn a lot by kissing him, and he will have a good time just having you there!
  • If you visit your house and you have siblings, make sure you are not bothered, as it could make you not want to kiss you.
  • If everything goes well at first, try to run your hands through your hair. This is fun and flirty, it will also show you that you are enjoying it.
  • If you do not get to kiss the first time you try, do not worry. Some guys are more shy than others when it comes to physical contact.
  • If the kiss does not go well the first time, do not panic! Chances are he was nervous, so do not show him that you think something went wrong. If you want, try to kiss him this time.

If all else fails, make the first move! Kiss it and see how it comes out. I could be grateful that you made the first move.